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  • Week 5 Underway - Games 25-26 posted - See results
    • See standings for all leagues
    • Around BWB
    • Who are we waiting on?  These MLB teams have played the fewest games (through 5/12)
      • 31 games: NYM
      • 32 games: Was
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game number to determine which BWB game can be scored
    • No Mets game on Thursday, so the next score update is not expected until Sunday



  • Reminder - Weekly deadlines have moved to Tuesdays!  This week's transaction/lineup deadline is tonight Tuesday 5/11 at 7 PM EDT.


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  • We start 8 weeks of games outside your division with the beginning of Week 4
  • Note: Every 5 weeks we change the transaction deadline day to better match the mapping between MLB games and BWB games.  Starting this week, and for Weeks 6-10 our lineup/transaction deadlines are due on Tuesdays


  • Orphan Clearance - Any orphan team is available for free for the remainder of the 2021 season.
    • Current list of orphan teams
    • Normal charges will apply for next season
    • If you'd like to take over one of the Expert League teams, let me know.  This will be for 2021 only, unless your team wins the division (or another one of your teams wins the Benchwarmer Bash or is the Winners Circle League champion in 2021).
    • If you're new to BWB and want an orphan team, your first step is to sign up for a site ID.  Otherwise send me an email with your team choice.


  • 14-0: Jason Kiernan's team in Scooby Doo League - Where Are You? - is still undefeated.  And we're down to 3 teams still looking for their first win - see Around BWB
  • I stated yesterday that the next score update would be on Saturday.  Actually, we still need to wait for the Mets to play 2 more games, so instead look for that update on Sunday


  • We're down to 1 undefeated team (Jason Kiernan, Scooby Doo League) but still 8 teams without a win.


  • After 10 games, there are 2 teams across BWB who are undefeated.  Unfortunately, there are still 12 teams looking for their first win.


  • It's a little early in the season - 14/15ths of the regular season still remains - but here's our 1-page look at comparing teams across all the leagues in the BWB universe: Around BWB



  • It's BWB Opening Day!  Week 1 Begins - Game 1 posted - See results
    • The next score update - for Games 2 & 3 - is expected on Saturday.


  • 2021 Schedule posted - you can see this in a number of ways:
    • Weekly schedule for your entire league - this is the link I'll post on the home page when we score games, it's also available on your league's home page and in the footer of every web page - the "Results" link.  This page will show the results and links to box scores.
    • Full season schedule for your league - a text representation of each 3-game series for this year.  It's also available as a link on the league home page and on the weekly schedule.  This page will not show game results.
    • Full season schedule for your team - A running record of all your games (or check out another team), including YTD record at each game, a link to the box score, and a look at upcoming pitching matchups.  This is available from a link at the top of the weekly schedule page.


  • Week Zero Transactions Posted
    • Any teams with cash balances above 5000 were slated to be cut down to that level (exceptions: new leagues, new owners taking over orphan teams, and orphans adopted on or after Week -2) - however, see the special extension below
    • Teams were then provided with an extra 2000 in Opening Day cash
    • Players may start getting added to the player list from here on out - as they appear in their first MLB game
      • Players are only added at the time of the posting of transaction results - so you don't have to be searching daily for new additions.
      • You'll find the new players in the player/free agent list - find the drop down box for "New in 2021" - players are listed by the first transaction week in which they can be signed.
  • Week One Transaction/Lineup Deadline - modified from Wednesday to Saturday, April 10 at 1 PM Eastern
  • Maximum Cash Balance - enforcement delayed - this will eventually get codified into the rules as something we'll do every year
    • Because of the nature of blind transaction submissions - teams may have planned out to get the balances below the limit, but after perhaps not being able to sign the players they wanted, the cash balances are now too high.
    • In trying to cut people a break, this list of teams that are over the maximum cash balance still have a chance to use their cash before losing it.
      • Because all teams have been given 2000 in cash for Opening Day, the new maximum balance is 7000
      • The teams on the list can only work their cash down via contract extensions - no additional player signings are available
      • Use the normal contract extension form to submit your choices
      • Before we process Week 1 transactions, we'll run a special contract extension round only.  After those extensions are processed, any of the teams that still have balances over 7000 will be cut down to that amount.
      • Then we'll move on to run the remainder of the Week 1 transaction submissions as normal.
      • The deadline to complete this is the same as the Week 1 transaction deadline - Saturday 4/10 at 1 PM EDT
      • Only the teams on this list need to be concerned about this


  • Deadline Extension: Week Zero transaction lineup deadline pushed back to tonight at midnight Eastern
  • Assuming Washington is able to start playing on Monday, the Nationals won't play their 6th game until Sunday, April 11.  This now makes our current target for the first BWB game to post on Monday 4/12.


  • Happy MLB Opening Day!  You might be asking...when do we start playing games?
    • First, understand the Five Game Gap - if you're new to BWB or just need a reminder, check out the explanation of how MLB games map to BWB games
    • So we need to wait until all teams play MLB game #6 to get to BWB game #1. 
    • Most MLB teams are scheduled to play their game #6 on Wed., April 7.  However, Cleveland is not scheduled to play #6 until Friday 4/9.
    • So we're going to target Saturday, April 10 as the first day to post BWB scores.  Of course, weather and postponements due to Covid-19 can affect the schedule.


  • Reminder: your teams' cash balances need to be below 5000 after processing this week's transactions or the balance will be cut down to 5000.  Need to take a quick pass again to see where you stand?  Check out the all my transactions page which displays the estimated cash balance for you after the transactions.  Changes in cash balances due to trades are not part of that calculation estimate. Cash balances above 5000 are displayed in red (I apologize to anyone who is colorblind).


  • Game Night League Draft - Phase Two Draft, Part Two is complete
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Rosters populated and finances updated
    • The Phase 2 draft is now complete - your league moves into weekly transactions (next deadline is Saturday 4/3).


  • British Invasion League Draft - Phase Two Draft, Part Three is complete
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Rosters populated and finances updated
    • The Phase 2 draft is now complete - your league moves into weekly transactions (next deadline is Saturday 4/3).
  • Week -1 Transaction Results Posted
  • - Week Zero deadline is Saturday night, April 3 at 7 PM Eastern
    • This is an extension from the planned Thursday deadline because two leagues are just finishing up their drafts.
    • Week 1 lineups will be due on Wednesday, April 7 - start getting them set now.
  • Week Zero transaction order
    • For returning leagues, it's the same as it was in the Redistribution Draft
    • For new leagues, once they are done with their drafts, the order will be sorted by team total payroll (ascending)
    • The order does not change for Weeks 1 and 2 - then starting in Week 3 it will change weekly depending on 2021 standings


  • Game Night League Draft - Phase Two Draft, Part One is complete
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Rosters populated and finances updated
    • There are still a few teams that do not have a legal roster yet, so we continue with Phase Two of the draft - your next set of picks are due on Monday night, March 29 at midnight Eastern - This is a quick turnaround in order to give you more possible time for one week of free agency/trades before the season - if you cannot do picks by Monday night, please let me know ASAP and I can extend the deadline.


  • 2021 Weekly Transaction/Lineup Deadline Schedule posted
    • Every 5 weeks, the deadline day shifts to try to stay in sync with the MLB schedule
    • I hadn't really analyzed the MLB schedule in the last few years, so after doing that, our weekly deadlines for Weeks 1-5 are on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays
    • When we get to Weeks 16-25, our deadline days are actually 1-2 days ahead of schedule for most MLB teams - so for 2021 our transaction deadlines on Saturdays and Sundays will be at 7 PM Eastern instead of Noon Eastern. Deadline time is 7 PM for all of Weeks 1-25 unless there are extensions
  • Reminder - be careful of cutting guys with high salaries in Week -1 and Week Zero.  You need to have your team's cash balance below 5000 after the transactions in Week Zero.  If you cut an injured player like Nick Anderson or Kirby Yates you're going to get 80% of the salary rebated to you immediately.  If that cash puts you above 5000 and you don't spend it on another player or on a long term contract, you're going to lose any cash in excess of 5000.  Cut the guy in Week 1 or later, and you'll keep the entire rebate.


  • We're getting down to the wire for the final touches on your rosters heading into the season.
    • Week -1 transactions are due Sunday night at midnight EDT
    • Week Zero transactions are likely due Thursday, April 1 (but with drafts just finishing, this may get extended) - teams in returning leagues will lose any cash balance left over 5000 at that time (and then all teams get an extra 2000).  Starting a few of years ago, there are exceptions to this rule:
      • Any orphan teams acquired by an owner for his/her initial season of BWB are not subject to the maximum cash balance
      • Any orphan teams acquired where the extra 4000 cash is credited on Week -2 or later does not have to quickly reduce (We're currently in Week -1, so pick up an orphan now and your cash is safe)
      • And - any teams currently in orphan status will not be subject to a cut.
      • See the rule
    • Week 1 lineups will be due TBD - I'm spending some time this weekend to look at the MLB schedule and line up the BWB deadline dates accordingly.
  • 2021 Roster/lineup clarifications
    • We increased the size of the Taxi Squad this season from 4 to 10 to help get around the potential for more players sitting out due to Covid and because of some of the oddities of salaries based on the 2020 season that makes some guys unable to be put in the minors.
    • The IR spot on your roster - where a player will sit out for the remainder of the year - will stay at it's normal size of 1 and not the expanded 2020 size.
    • If any player opts out of the season due to Covid, we'll follow the 2020 special rule for how that was handled.  This may need some adjustments to the rules around those items based on the season schedule, but let's see how much this happens.  To this point, only Ian Desmond has opted out and he was only on one BWB roster.
    • Lineups and game scoring will be normal this season - we will not use the expanded roster rules that allowed Taxi Squad and minor leaguers to fill in.  Expanded rosters will be used as in normal seasons in Weeks 23-25.


  • British Invasion League Draft - Phase Two Draft, Part Two is complete
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Rosters populated and finances updated
    • There are still a few teams that do not have a legal roster yet, so we continue with Phase Two of the draft - your next set of picks are due on Sunday night, March 28 at midnight Eastern


  • Game Night League - Live Draft Results Posted
    • See the league draft index for details
    • Rosters loaded and finances updated
    • Phase Two draft is now open - access the draft list from your team roster - deadline for Phase Two, Part One list submission is Saturday night 3/27 at midnight Eastern
  • Orphan Team Blowout - We're past the Redistribution Draft and several weeks of free agency - so let's try to move the remaining orphan teams for 1/3 the price.


  • During the Week -4 financial updates, I mistakenly deleted the fees that were to be deducted from teams to move players to IR and move players to the Prospects Roster.  There is a special financial update, dated 3/13/21, to reinstate those fees.  Sorry to mess up anyone's Week -3 transactions as a result.
  • British Invasion League Draft - Phase One Draft is complete
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Rosters populated and finances updated after the results for Phase One.
    • We now enter Phase Two of the draft - your first set of picks are due on Friday night, March 19 at midnight Eastern
    • Note: It looks like you'll be able to change your lineups right now even though the deadline for other leagues has passed.  However - any changes you make now before transactions are updated for the other leagues later on Monday will likely be overwritten - so you should probably wait until that happens.


  • British Invasion League Draft - Phase One Draft - contested pick resolution complete
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Coming on Monday night - we'll populate the rosters and open up Phase 2
  • Live draft time set for Game Night League - Sunday, March 21 at 5 PM Eastern - just 1 spot left


  • Last call for new leagues!
    • Great Lakes League will not run in 2021 - not enough teams and not enough time left to run a list draft
    • But we still have 4 open slots for Game Night League
      • This is a live draft - drafting the first 20 players of your roster using the ESPN system
      • Draft date will be Sunday, March 21 - time TBD, but we'll settle on that soon (start time will probably be somewhere in the range of 6-8 PM Eastern)


  • British Invasion League Draft - Phase One Draft is underway
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Posted now - unique picks by team and a listing of the contested players
    • Coming this weekend: We'll start to resolve the contested picks


  • Covid-related changes for the 2021 season:
    • The taxi squad size will be increased by 6 - from 4 to 10 players
    • There is no decision yet on whether "expanded rosters" will be used for the season
    • Transaction warning messages are not yet updated for the new limits - those updates will be in place by this weekend




  • Welcome to Benchwarmer Baseball - It's a unique form of fantasy baseball as we play 150 individual head-to-head games in a season simulated from daily MLB stats - this isn't a Rotisserie game.
    • New leagues to start in 2021 are open - sign up now!
    • This is fantasy baseball 365 days a year.  Teams have cut down their 40-man rosters to a maximum of 28 players that they can carry over onto their 2020 squads.  And they are currently in the Redistribution Draft that gives teams with bad records in 2020 a good advantage in rebuilding.  After that, they'll be putting their finishing touches on their 2021 opening day rosters with free agent signing and trades.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Baseball Tour for an introduction.
    • Check out our list of new leagues for 2021 that you can join to begin your dynasty.  Or, if you'd like to attempt to turn around a struggling team, view our available orphan teams ...pick up an existing team and rebuild it, rather than start from scratch.
      • If you're a first-time owner, you play under the "rookie rate" of $35 for your first team (normal price, $65)
      • Orphan teams are also just $35 - about 1/2 the normal price.
      • If you're interested, your first step is to sign up here.  Then go ahead and pick out a new league or check out the orphan list again.
    • Are you already a BWB team owner and want to add teams?  Check first to see if you have an available bonus team from 2020 or else add new teams here.  Email us if you want an orphan team and we'll set you up.



  • Deadline extension - for now, the deadline for the first Redistribution Draft picks is pushed out 12 hours until tonight -  Saturday night, midnight EST
    • You can check all your lists for errors (and remember it's OK to leave some of your list with Round = 0 as those players will be kept on your list until next week).
    • Are you skipping the draft because your cash balance is too low?  Don't forget that this is your first chance at players picked in the first round of the 2020 draft plus any players added from the 40-man rosters in mid-January.
  • Reminder - Are you getting "deceptive site" warnings while using Chrome to visit BWB?  One quick suggestion is to try a different browser.  However, you can also change your security settings in Chrome to prevent the constant warnings and perform your tasks without interruption.


  • The first submissions for the 2021 Redistribution Draft are due tomorrow afternoon.  Deadline is Saturday 2/13/21 at Noon EST.
  • A reminder - if you are seeing an error for your draft list that indicates some of your picks are still listed with Round Zero - that's OK and not a true error.  BWB will retain those picks on your list for the adjustments for Rounds 2-5.  This allows you to queue up a bunch of potential picks and then after we do Round 1 you don't have to add them again.  Between weeks, BWB will remove players from your list if they've already been picked by another team.

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