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Around BWB - Benchwarmer Baseball at a Glance

Benchwarmer Baseball has over 50 leagues. This page will feature some of the highlights...and lowlights...of action around the BWB universe this season.


Best Records

1That's the Fact Jack LeagueKingston Don DaddaRicardo Alexander317.816
1Three of a Kind LeagueHudson River 3-Eyed FishTom Twomey317.816
3American AssociationGrocery Store StreakersAndrew Lehman308.790
3Bronx Bombers LeagueViolent DelightsSherman Wan308.790
3Scooby Doo LeagueNorth DeLisle RangersSherman Wan308.790
6B Movie Actor LeagueVatican City Van DammesTom Twomey299.763
6Beer LeagueGoose Island 312 Chicago MicrobrewJason Kiernan299.763
6Firemen LeagueSmoke on the WaterSherman Wan299.763
6Grand Slam LeagueFraggle Rock FragglesPhillip Dang299.763
10Anchorman LeagueAtlanta FalconsRicardo Alexander2810.737
10Anchorman LeagueSwayze's CardinalsMichael Quinn2810.737
10BirdlandLittle Rock FlashMichael Quinn2810.737
10Home of the BraveMohawk Valley IroquoisMichael Rudolph2810.737
10Longball LeagueNew Jersey ReignAndrew Lehman2810.737
10Original Six LeagueArcadia The 100Tom Twomey2810.737
10Silver Screen LeagueWinterfell DirewolvesSherman Wan2810.737
10Steel City LeagueAtlanta Golden KrustRicardo Alexander2810.737
10Three of a Kind LeagueHavana Lounge LizardsJerry King2810.737
10Will Ferrell LeagueYet To Be Named Baseball Player CharacterJohn Hula2810.737
10Winners Circle LeagueLos Angeles BaconatorsJerry King2810.737
10Winners Circle LeagueVandalay ArchitectsDon Kruse2810.737

Worst Records

1Chevy Chase LeagueBest. Pratfalls. Ever.John Hula434.105
2BirdlandOcean City O O'sJohn Hula533.132
3Bronx Bombers LeagueBronxboro BlockheadsJohn Hula731.184
3Redbirds LeagueHello Wisconsin StonersMichael Lehman731.184
5Broadway LeagueMudville Mudville NineMark Jones830.211
5Murderers' RowThe Thing From the Underwear DrawerAndrew Lehman830.211
5Three of a Kind LeagueTres Bien Trois MousquetairesJohn Hula830.211
5Will Ferrell LeagueHarrison University StreakersSam Campbell830.211
9Bleed Dodger BlueVinnie Bleeds Dodger Blue ForeverBrent Bridwell929.237
9Four Star LeagueMt. Eaton HilltoppersDave Matter929.237
9Longball LeagueTrinidad Island VikingsLeif Jonson929.237
9Will Ferrell LeagueWhistling DixieRoland Dupont929.237

Best Owner Combined Records for Multiple Teams

RankOwner# of LeaguesWLPct.
1Jesse Roche37638.667
2Michael Rudolph614682.640
3Jeff Zick24729.618
4Tom Twomey21493305.618
5Ricardo Alexander20456304.600
6Greg Flees24531.592
7Don Kruse15330240.579
8Sherman Wan32703513.578
9Rick Furtak36549.570
10John Stroba11237181.567

Worst Owner Combined Records for Multiple Teams

RankOwner# of LeaguesWLPct.
1Barry White34074.351
2Mark Jones22749.355
3Stephen Murphy22947.382
4Andy Marquis7103163.387
5Yuri Belova574116.390
6Wesley Burke23046.395
7Mike Scott34668.404
8John Hula38593851.411
9Chris Bellina34866.421
10Robert Hamilton11181237.433

Best Team Power Index

RankLeagueTeamOwnerPower Index
1Moneyball LeagueCrumpton RochesJesse Roche83.9892
2Anchorman LeagueBrick BarometersTom Twomey81.8531
3Home of the BraveMohawk Valley IroquoisMichael Rudolph81.0271
4South Siders LeagueMelton's MeltdownsMichael Rudolph81.0003
5Federal LeagueSheshequin ShenanigansJay Snyder80.8941
6Scooby Doo LeagueNorth DeLisle RangersSherman Wan79.7552
7American AssociationBrooklyn GraysSherman Wan79.273
8The Kings of QueensAstoria Argyle SoxSherman Wan77.4158
9Born to Run LeagueRed CorvetteMichael Lehman77.1557
10MarxballSanity Clause & the Seven ElvesSherman Wan77.083

Worst Team Power Index

RankLeagueTeamOwnerPower Index
1Bronx Bombers LeagueBronxboro BlockheadsJohn Hula10.5447
2BirdlandOcean City O O'sJohn Hula10.8542
3Phightin' Phils LeagueJohn Denny's Grand Slam BreakfastMichael Gaston15.1006
4Federal LeagueWastin Away In MargaritavilleAlonda Clifton15.5201
5Chevy Chase LeagueBest. Pratfalls. Ever.John Hula16.7442
6Murderers' RowThe Thing From the Underwear DrawerAndrew Lehman17.2183
7Broadway LeagueMudville Mudville NineMark Jones18.0075
8Longball LeagueTwin Peaks PercolatorsJohn Hula18.3202
9Will Ferrell LeagueHarrison University StreakersSam Campbell18.5987
10Three of a Kind LeagueTres Bien Trois MousquetairesJohn Hula18.6099

Most Improved Teams

RankLeagueTeamOwnerThis YearLast YearDifference
1Longball LeagueHeartland Big RedDon Kruse27-11 (.711)47-103 (.313).397
2Grand Slam LeagueFraggle Rock FragglesPhillip Dang29-9 (.763)56-94 (.373).390
3South Siders LeagueFungible FiveSherman Wan22-16 (.579)37-113 (.247).332
4Hall of Fame LeagueNordeast Original SinnersAndrew Lehman26-12 (.684)54-96 (.360).324
5American AssociationGrocery Store StreakersAndrew Lehman30-8 (.790)70-80 (.467).323
6Beer LeagueElsinore HosersAnthony Q Citarella21-17 (.553)35-115 (.233).319
7Murderers' RowRuth and Gehrig Bashing and SmashinJason Kiernan25-13 (.658)51-99 (.340).318
8Perfect World LeagueMillard QuackersMike Cerny22-16 (.579)41-109 (.273).306
8Phightin' Phils LeagueClearwater ThetansMark Currie22-16 (.579)41-109 (.273).306
10A League About NothingWHO DAT!Skip Hohensee22-16 (.579)42-108 (.280).299

Teams with Greatest Declines

RankLeagueTeamOwnerThis YearLast YearDifference
1Chevy Chase LeagueBest. Pratfalls. Ever.John Hula4-34 (.105)83-67 (.553)-.448
2Batman LeagueKersh & Trouty Get Stuck on the 405Sherman Wan12-26 (.316)103-47 (.687)-.371
3That's the Fact Jack LeagueTy's TiesDave Matter10-28 (.263)93-58 (.616)-.353
4Redbirds LeagueHello Wisconsin StonersMichael Lehman7-31 (.184)77-73 (.513)-.329
5Will Ferrell LeagueHarrison University StreakersSam Campbell8-30 (.211)80-70 (.533)-.323
6Three of a Kind LeagueTres Bien Trois MousquetairesJohn Hula8-30 (.211)78-72 (.520)-.310
7Federal LeagueWastin Away In MargaritavilleAlonda Clifton10-28 (.263)85-65 (.567)-.304
8They Might Be GiantsOuter Banks HurricanesSheldon Price12-26 (.316)92-58 (.613)-.298
9Will Ferrell LeagueWhistling DixieRoland Dupont9-29 (.237)79-71 (.527)-.290
10Murderers' RowThe Thing From the Underwear DrawerAndrew Lehman8-30 (.211)73-77 (.487)-.276

Franchises with no Division Titles Currently in First Place

A League About NothingAin't Got NobodyAndrew Lehman26-12 (.684)
A League About NothingMy Dinghy Is Bigger Than Your DinghyMichael Lehman23-15 (.605)
A League About NothingOverdried ClothesJason Kiernan24-14 (.632)
A League About NothingWHO DAT!Skip Hohensee22-16 (.579)
American AssociationFillmore WestMichael Lehman27-11 (.711)
American AssociationGrocery Store StreakersAndrew Lehman30-8 (.790)
American AssociationKingston Bad BwoysAlonda Clifton20-18 (.526)
B Movie Actor LeagueLord Boulder's Dixie CupsJohn Stroba25-13 (.658)
Batman LeagueBruce Wayne Is A SissyJamison Reese25-13 (.658)
Blame Canada LeagueBudweiser BombersTom McGraw24-14 (.632)
Blame Canada LeagueColorado CowsSheldon Price22-16 (.579)
Blue and Gray LeagueAntietam Creek AnglersJohn Hula23-15 (.605)
Blue and Gray LeagueWashington GeneralsTom McGraw23-15 (.605)
Born to Run LeagueNebraska GrasshoppersRick Furtak19-19 (.500)
Born to Run LeagueRed CorvetteMichael Lehman25-13 (.658)
Bronx Bombers LeagueViolent DelightsSherman Wan30-8 (.790)
Cleveland RocksCleveland Hot WaxxAlonda Clifton21-17 (.553)
Cleveland RocksWysox WhirligigsJay Snyder24-14 (.632)
Commissioners LeagueSuicide SqueezeAndrew Lehman20-18 (.526)
Experts LeagueAntarctica PenguinsBenchwarmer Baseball League Office26-12 (.684)
Federal LeagueProvence RenegadesKen DeGroot23-15 (.605)
Five Boroughs LeagueBrooklyn GhostbustersJohn Stroba22-16 (.579)
Five Boroughs LeagueThe Thing From the Sock DrawerAndrew Lehman22-16 (.579)
Five Boroughs LeagueTotal ChaosRoland Dupont24-14 (.632)
Geek Pride LeagueAi. Phi. Oh VolunteersJason Kiernan22-16 (.579)
Grand Slam LeagueCincinnati Run in StockingsMichael Horvitz24-14 (.632)
Grand Slam LeagueFraggle Rock FragglesPhillip Dang29-9 (.763)
Home of the BraveAtlanta CrackersMichael Quinn27-11 (.711)
Home of the BraveKiss My AspAlonda Clifton21-17 (.553)
Home of the BraveMohawk Valley IroquoisMichael Rudolph28-10 (.737)
Home of the BraveShawnee Fighting EaglesDavid Henning25-13 (.658)
K Street LeagueThe Big Unit Throwing Gas!!!Jason Kiernan22-16 (.579)
MarxballA Day On the BasesMichael Lehman22-16 (.579)
MarxballWhite KnightsRoland Dupont23-15 (.605)
Minnie & Paul LeagueGrosse Pointe Trailer TrashAndrew Lehman24-14 (.632)
Motor City LeagueAshland AxelrodsTom McGraw23-15 (.605)
Motor City LeagueBurlington Atomic SquirrelZSteve Battaglio24-14 (.632)
Motor City LeagueSweet Lou's DessertsJohn Stroba22-16 (.579)
North Siders LeagueBest BuddiesRoland Dupont22-16 (.579)
Pacific Northwest LeagueAxe MenTom McGraw21-17 (.553)
Pacific Northwest LeagueBig Mountain LumberjacksBrent Bridwell23-15 (.605)
Phightin' Phils LeagueSouth Philly RockersAndrew Lehman26-12 (.684)
Redbirds LeagueCalifornia QuakesMichael Quinn25-13 (.658)
Royal Flush LeagueCincinnati StockingsMichael Horvitz23-15 (.605)
Royal Flush LeagueSpeed Wins and Homers do too!!!Jason Kiernan22-16 (.579)
South Siders LeagueCincinnati JohnniesMichael Horvitz22-16 (.579)
South Siders LeagueMelton's MeltdownsMichael Rudolph26-12 (.684)
South Siders LeagueSouth Pole SnowflakesJason Kiernan25-13 (.658)
Steel City LeaguePatricia Avenue CardinalsMichael Clancy21-17 (.553)
Steel City LeagueThree Rivers PierogiesJon Swanson20-18 (.526)
That's the Fact Jack LeagueGreat Dismal Swamp MaroonsTom McGraw24-14 (.632)
That's the Fact Jack LeagueGroundhog Central Weather PrognosticatorsJohn Hula21-17 (.553)
That's the Fact Jack LeagueHappy HuntingRoland Dupont21-17 (.553)
That's the Fact Jack LeagueThe Thing Under the BedAndrew Lehman21-17 (.553)
They Might Be GiantsHampton FlashesRoland Dupont22-16 (.579)
They Might Be GiantsNYC2ATL Orange EaglesRicardo Alexander25-13 (.658)
Triple Crown LeagueToronto, Ontario, Canada 2015 Pan AmericansLeif Jonson25-13 (.658)
Will Ferrell LeagueBuddy the Elf Plays Every PositionJason Kiernan24-14 (.632)
Winners Circle LeagueNYC2ATL Taxi DriversRicardo Alexander23-15 (.605)

Division Winners Last Season Currently under .500

A League About NothingNothing from Nothing Leaves NothingJamison Reese16-22 (.421)
American AssociationBuckeye BombersDavid Henning16-22 (.421)
Anchorman LeagueHot StoveDave Matter18-20 (.474)
B Movie Actor LeagueSt. Vincent PricesAlonda Clifton18-20 (.474)
Batman LeagueBrinkley CP BulldogsMichael Quinn15-23 (.395)
Batman LeagueKersh & Trouty Get Stuck on the 405Sherman Wan12-26 (.316)
BeatleballPlastic Ono Memory ElephantsJohn Hula17-21 (.447)
Beer LeagueMaiden's Trooper AleDerrick Silensky12-26 (.316)
Blame Canada LeagueFrigid Pink Ladies of the Artic NightJamison Reese13-25 (.342)
Bleed Dodger BlueAksarben KrusadersDon Kruse18-20 (.474)
Blue and Gray LeagueCache River CardinalsMichael Quinn18-20 (.474)
Born to Run LeagueOnly One Crazy LifeTom McGraw15-23 (.395)
Bronx Bombers LeagueRich KidsJames Wyszynski12-26 (.316)
Chevy Chase LeagueBest. Pratfalls. Ever.John Hula4-34 (.105)
Experts LeagueAfrica GiraffesJay Snyder17-21 (.447)
Experts LeagueMen Injecting Men - Fantasy on RoidsChristian Ingram16-22 (.421)
Experts LeagueSt. Louis PrefectosDaniel Foley, Jr.14-24 (.368)
Federal LeagueOhio Diamond ProdigiesDavid Henning17-21 (.447)
Fenway FenaticsAlaskan WildernessMichael Lehman16-22 (.421)
Fenway FenaticsSt Louis RedbirdsMichael Quinn17-21 (.447)
Firemen LeagueVenice Beach LongshotsBrian Haines17-21 (.447)
Five Boroughs LeagueBelle Harbor CardsMichael Quinn16-22 (.421)
Five Boroughs LeagueManhattan MaulersRobert Hamilton15-23 (.395)
Five Boroughs LeagueYogi BerrasTom McGraw16-22 (.421)
Geek Pride LeaguePhantastic PhantomsDavid Henning17-21 (.447)
Geek Pride LeagueSeattle GrungePhillip Dang13-25 (.342)
Golden Throat LeagueAzilum AntionettesJay Snyder15-23 (.395)
Grand Slam LeagueDevil's Den SharpshootersRobert Elias13-25 (.342)
Grand Slam LeagueMoons Over My Strained HammySherman Wan17-21 (.447)
Hall of Fame LeagueSeventh HeavenRoland Dupont16-22 (.421)
Home of the BraveCalifornia Kicked Your A$$Craig Burke17-21 (.447)
Home of the BraveMartin's Ferry KnuckleheadsDave Matter16-22 (.421)
Home of the BraveSanta Clarita Lost BoysAndrew Lehman16-22 (.421)
Longball LeagueGettysburg Bicycle RepairmenJon Swanson18-20 (.474)
Longball LeagueMudville NineRob Behymer17-21 (.447)
MarxballPhenway PhantomsDanny Zaccaro16-22 (.421)
Minnie & Paul LeagueRiverdale Robot RefugeesDavid Henning15-23 (.395)
Moneyball LeaguePaso Robles ZinfindelsKen DeGroot18-20 (.474)
Motor City LeagueBee Em FigleavesDave Matter18-20 (.474)
Motor City LeagueTroy JaguarsDavid Henning18-20 (.474)
North Siders LeagueThe Blues Brothers Rhythm and Blues RevueJohn Hula16-22 (.421)
Pacific Northwest LeaguePortland ThinkersDaniel Foley, Jr.14-24 (.368)
Reality BitesCincinnati Pete's BoysMichael Horvitz13-25 (.342)
Redbirds LeagueBrazil 2014 CanarinhoLeif Jonson18-20 (.474)
Royal Flush LeagueQuirk of FateSherman Wan18-20 (.474)
Scooby Doo LeagueAtlanta Shabby RanksRobert Hamilton15-23 (.395)
Scooby Doo LeagueGalactic White KnightsDavid Henning15-23 (.395)
Silver Screen LeagueMarvel UniverseAndy Marquis17-21 (.447)
Silver Screen LeagueSonic BoomRobert Hamilton17-21 (.447)
Silver Screen LeagueVaughn Wild ThingsJ.C. Freeman16-22 (.421)
South Siders LeagueThe Thing From the Junk DrawerAndrew Lehman17-21 (.447)
Steel City LeagueGreenbelt Terrapins Robert Elias18-20 (.474)
That's the Fact Jack LeaguePlease Mr. PostmanAlonda Clifton18-20 (.474)
That's the Fact Jack LeagueProton GunslingersDavid Henning15-23 (.395)
They Might Be GiantsCalifornia Dreamin' TeamDavid Henning16-22 (.421)
They Might Be GiantsOuter Banks HurricanesSheldon Price12-26 (.316)
Three of a Kind LeagueMotor City GamblersTom McGraw18-20 (.474)
Three of a Kind LeagueWyalusing WhiffersJay Snyder18-20 (.474)
Triple Crown LeagueHornsby CardsMichael Quinn17-21 (.447)
Triple Crown LeagueKylertown Shoeless JoesAaron Tiracorda14-24 (.368)
Winners Circle LeagueLet the Past Die...Sherman Wan15-23 (.395)

Future Categories

More to come...