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Around BWB - Benchwarmer Baseball at a Glance

Benchwarmer Baseball has over 50 leagues. This page will feature some of the highlights...and lowlights...of action around the BWB universe this season.


Best Records

1Beer LeagueThe Natty LightsJesse Roche11337.753
2Triple Crown LeagueUnderwater Flying SubmarinesJason Kiernan10842.720
3Firemen LeagueMiami Valley Mystic RevelationDavid Henning10743.713
4Phightin' Phils LeagueMt. Eaton Fox SquirrelsDave Matter10545.700
5BeatleballMargaritaville ParrotheadsTom Twomey10446.693
5Bleed Dodger BlueOklahoma GushersTom Twomey10446.693
5Bleed Dodger BlueWisconsin DawgsGreg Flees10446.693
5Firemen LeagueSmoke on the WaterSherman Wan10446.693
9Batman LeagueKersh & Trouty's Excellent AdventureSherman Wan10347.687
9BeatleballPlastic Ono Memory ElephantsJohn Hula10347.687
9Shadowball LeagueBedrock Water BuffaloesLeif Jonson10347.687

Worst Records

1Beer LeagueElsinore HosersAnthony Q Citarella35115.233
2South Siders LeagueDiamond Bay BreakersJohn Fitzpatrick37113.247
3Five Boroughs LeagueShaolin Killa BeesJohn Hula38112.253
4American AssociationPunxsutawney PhilistinesJohn Hula40110.267
4MarxballZeppity do dah Zeppity AChristian Zaccaro40110.267
4Motor City LeagueMaplewood ProspectsJacob Vass40110.267
7Firemen LeagueSeabrook PowerJohn Fitzpatrick41109.273
7Perfect World LeagueMillard QuackersMike Cerny41109.273
7Phightin' Phils LeagueBackwoods SasquatchKevin Connors41109.273
10A League About NothingLumber CompanyMichael Campbell42108.280
10Steel City LeagueNashville MiraclesMike Grillot42108.280

Best Owner Combined Records for Multiple Teams

RankOwner# of LeaguesWLPct.
1Jesse Roche3314136.698
2Greg Flees2194106.647
3Christian Ingram3273177.607
4Brian Haines3271179.602
5Sherman Wan2421221478.589
6Jay Snyder141233868.587
7David Henning4035012501.583
8Michael Rudolph2174126.580
9Ricardo Alexander131126824.577
10Tom Twomey2924531899.564

Worst Owner Combined Records for Multiple Teams

RankOwner# of LeaguesWLPct.
1John Fitzpatrick3134316.298
2Jacob Vass294206.313
3Christian Zaccaro3150300.333
4Mike Grillot3155295.344
5Fred Stottlemeyer3166284.369
6Andy Marquis8502698.418
7Jerry Stevens5324426.432
8Anthony Q Citarella3196254.436
9Jake Roberts5327423.436
10Rick Furtak3199251.442

Best Team Power Index

RankLeagueTeamOwnerPower Index
1Beer LeagueThe Natty LightsJesse Roche84.8153
2Murderers' RowCrumpton RochesJesse Roche84.104
3Moneyball LeagueCrumpton RochesJesse Roche82.8855
4Phightin' Phils LeagueMt. Eaton Fox SquirrelsDave Matter82.7898
5Batman LeagueKersh & Trouty's Excellent AdventureSherman Wan82.2131
6American AssociationTulsa TwominatorsTom Twomey82.006
7Bleed Dodger BlueOklahoma GushersTom Twomey80.7394
8Shadowball LeagueBedrock Water BuffaloesLeif Jonson80.5378
9Bleed Dodger BlueWisconsin DawgsGreg Flees80.5187
10That's the Fact Jack LeagueProton GunslingersDavid Henning80.4632

Worst Team Power Index

RankLeagueTeamOwnerPower Index
1American AssociationPunxsutawney PhilistinesJohn Hula11.2443
2Beer LeagueElsinore HosersAnthony Q Citarella12.913
3Five Boroughs LeagueShaolin Killa BeesJohn Hula13.9248
4Commissioners LeagueDharma InitiativeAndy Marquis14.4225
5K Street LeagueFort Marquis Green Army MenAndy Marquis15.045
6Murderers' RowRuth and Gehrig Bashing and SmashinJason Kiernan15.8578
7Steel City LeagueRemmington SteelersMichael Lehman16.2865
8Phightin' Phils LeagueBackwoods SasquatchKevin Connors16.2972
9Redbirds LeagueLong Island ThreatPhillip Dang16.5271
10Steel City LeagueNashville MiraclesMike Grillot17.0115

Most Improved Teams

RankLeagueTeamOwnerThis YearLast YearDifference
1Perfect World LeagueGambler's LuckJason Kiernan88-62 (.587)31-119 (.207).380
2Three of a Kind LeagueAces HighRoland Dupont83-67 (.553)33-117 (.220).333
3Motor City LeagueAtlanta WolverinesRicardo Alexander90-60 (.600)43-107 (.287).313
4Hall of Fame LeagueOzzie Smith's Defensive WizardsJason Kiernan95-55 (.633)49-101 (.327).307
5Four Star LeagueTennessee LongshotsKen DeGroot81-69 (.540)38-112 (.253).287
6Longball LeagueJamaica MistaicaMichael Lehman89-61 (.593)47-103 (.313).280
7Beer LeaguePittsburgh John Harvard's Home Made Root BeerChris Bellina85-66 (.563)47-103 (.313).250
8They Might Be GiantsMcCovey Cove Candlestick MakersJason Kiernan77-73 (.513)44-106 (.293).220
9Blue and Gray LeaguePerth PumasMatt Strawbridge82-68 (.547)50-100 (.333).213
10Blue and Gray LeagueSavannah Sand GnatsMark Currie94-56 (.627)63-87 (.420).207
10Golden Throat LeagueVin's VacationersJason Kiernan94-56 (.627)63-87 (.420).207

Teams with Greatest Declines

RankLeagueTeamOwnerThis YearLast YearDifference
1Beer LeagueElsinore HosersAnthony Q Citarella35-115 (.233)85-65 (.567)-.333
2Firemen LeagueSeabrook PowerJohn Fitzpatrick41-109 (.273)89-61 (.593)-.320
3Phightin' Phils LeagueBackwoods SasquatchKevin Connors41-109 (.273)87-63 (.580)-.307
4They Might Be GiantsImperial Point Mio'sAnthony Q Citarella61-89 (.407)102-48 (.680)-.273
4Motor City LeagueMaplewood ProspectsJacob Vass40-110 (.267)81-69 (.540)-.273
6Superman LeagueSan Fernando Valley BearsPhillip Dang60-90 (.400)98-52 (.653)-.253
7Motor City LeagueGold Coast Meter MaidsMatt Strawbridge48-102 (.320)85-65 (.567)-.247
8BeatleballMob-town's FinestChristian Zaccaro51-99 (.340)87-63 (.580)-.240
9Perfect World LeagueMillard QuackersMike Cerny41-109 (.273)77-74 (.510)-.237
10Blue and Gray LeagueLincoln LogsAndrew Lehman53-97 (.353)88-62 (.587)-.233

Franchises with no Division Titles Currently in First Place

No data found

Division Winners Last Season Currently under .500

B Movie Actor LeagueFantasy IslandRoland Dupont70-80 (.467)
Blame Canada LeagueCincinnati CardinalsMichael Horvitz70-80 (.467)
Born to Run LeagueOnly One Crazy LifeTom McGraw73-77 (.487)
Fenway FenaticsAlaskan WildernessMichael Lehman72-78 (.480)
Golden Throat LeagueLincoln Salt DogsMike Cerny73-77 (.487)
Home of the BraveCalifornia Kicked Your A$$Craig Burke73-77 (.487)
MarxballPhenway PhantomsDanny Zaccaro74-76 (.493)
Moneyball LeagueRandom NinjasJason Kiernan68-83 (.450)
Three of a Kind LeagueMotor City GamblersTom McGraw74-76 (.493)

Future Categories

More to come...