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  • Week 24 Continues - Games 143-144 posted - See Results
    • Who are we waiting on?  These teams have played the fewest games (through 9/18)
      • 151 games: Cle, KC, Mia, NYY, Oak, SD, Sea, Tex, Tor, Was
      • 152 games: Many teams
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game # to determine how many BWB games can be scored
    •  Next update expected Saturday


  • Update on Close Division Races to Keep an Eye On - With just 8 games remaining - See standings for all leagues
    • Anchorman
      • Chancellor Division: Detroit ahead of Cincinnati by 2 games.  Cincinnati has a 11-5 edge in the season series with 2 games still to play next.
    • Batman
      • Kilmer Division: Paris and Wall Street are tied and Brinkley fell back to 3 behind.  Brinkley is the only team to ever win this division (4 years).
      • Bale Division: Kersh & Trouty pulled to just 1 games behind Wayne.  The teams have split the season series so far 8-8 and finish that off in the next 2 games.
    • Beer
      • Water Division: Hornsby's and Foster's still tied.  Elsinore from is 2 GB.  Foster's is the defending champ.  Elsinore at Foster's in the next two games.
      • Malt Division: Three-way tie for first between Sierra Nevada, Spaten, and Canadian. Spaten lost 116 games in 2013
    • Blame Canada
      • Eric Division: North still trails Mogadishu by 1 game. Mogadishu is defending division champ.
    • Bleed Dodger Blue
      • Campanella Division: Malibu leads San Luis Obispo by 3 games.  Malibu's best previous finish was 2nd in 2012.
      • Drysdale Division: Oklahoma 3 behind Minneapolis; Minneapolis last won title in 2010.
    • Blue and Gray
      • Sherman Division: Major's lead on Vicksburg down to 1.  Vicksburg leads season series 12-3.
      • Lee Division: Cincinnati leads Atlantis by 1.  Cincinnati has never finished higher than 3rd.  Atlantis leads the season series 11-5 with 2 to play.
    • Bronx Bombers
      • Gehrig Division: Sweet and Go Richmond are tied; Go Richmond is the only team to ever win this division (3 years).  Sweet leads the season series 10-6 with 2 more coming up next.
    • Chevy Chase
      • Clark W. Griswold, Jr. Division: La Vista ahead of Bath County by 2 games; Bath County has won division last 4 seasons; La Vista won the previous 3 seasons.
      • Fletch F. Fletch Division: Cannonball leads Dallas by 1 games.  They play each other 2 more times and have split 8-8 so far.
    • Cleveland Rocks
      • Doby Division: All teams within 2 games; California 1 up by 1; Shaky Heights won the division in 2013.
    • Commissioners
      • Chandler Division: Cleveland leads Budapest by 2 games.

9/18/14 Continued

  • Close Division Races to Keep an Eye On - with 8 games left - See standings for all leagues
    • Deuces Wild
      • Cobb Division: Rock Ridge and Wet are tied.  Rock Ridge leads the season series 9-7 with 2 to play.
    • Federal
      • Brooklyn Tip-Tops Division: Big drops trails Del Mar by 1 game.  Detroit back 3; Del Mar won it last year.
    • Fenway Fenatics
      • Fisk Division: Skeleton leads South City by 3 games; Skeleton lost 103 games in 2013.
      • Boggs Division: Werewolves ahead of Alaskan by 2 games.  They still have 3 head to head matchups coming up with Alaskan ahead 9-6 in the season series.
    • Firemen
      • Smith Division: Venice Beach ahead of Mammoth by 1.  Mammoth is defending winner...Venice Beach won in 2012.
    • Four Star
      • Eisenhower Division: Savin Hill leads Generation by 2 games; 3 games left between them - Generation leads the series 8-7
      • Bradley Division: North Pole 3 ahead of NYC2ATL; NYC2ATL won the last 2 titles.
    • Geek Pride
      • Berners-Lee Division: Mt. Airy in first... Phuket 2 GB, Pascal 2 GB, Mt. Airy is the defending conference champ.
    • Kings of Queens
      • McGraw Division: Woodside leads both Joker's and Six Pack by 3; Woodside is the only team to ever win this division in the league's previous 4 years.

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9/18/14 Continued

  • Close Division Races to Keep an Eye On - with 8 games left - See standings for all leagues
    • Longball
      • McGuire Division: Heartland ahead of Uptown by 3 games; Last time Uptown was this close was 2006.
      • Killebrew Division: Lemon stays ahead of Gettysburg by 3 games; Lemon last won the division in 2010, Gettysburg won in 2007.
    • Minnie & Paul
      • Viola Division: Battle Creek trails Riverdale by 1, and Minneapolis out of it.  Minneapolis is the only team to ever win this division (3 seasons). Battle Creek and Riverdale have 3 games left to play and Riverdale leads the series 8-7.
    • Moneyball
      • David Justice Division: Gonna Make trails Random by 3 games...these teams finished 4th and 3rd respectively in 2013.
    • North Siders
      • Sandberg Division: Waypoint and Northern tied.  Waypoint leads the season series 8-7 with 3 left to go
    • Pacific Northwest
      • Huskies Division: Kingston to within 2 games of Raw.  Kingston is the defending division winner.
    • Perfect World
      • Kenny Rogers Division: Long Island trails Utopia by 2.  Long Island has an 8-7 edge in the season series with 3 remaining to play.
    • Silver Screen
      • Bad News Bears Division: Winterfell 2 behind Venice Beach - they have 2 games left to play
      • Major League Division: Nuke's and Celluloid tied.  3 left to play with Celluloid having an 11-4 lead in the season series.
      • Bang the Drum Slowly Division: Marvel falls back a game of Vegas after a loss to them.  2 head to head games coming up next - Vegas has a 9-7 lead in the season series.
    • Superman
      • George Reeves Division: Detroit leads Bellvue by 3.  Neither team has ever won a division crown.
      • Christopher Reeve Division: Krypton and Fukushima tied; Krypton is the defending league champ and leads the season series 11-4 with 3 left to play in Week 25.
    • Three of a Kind
      • Wagner Division: Havana ahead of Kansas City by 2.  Kansas City leads the season series 13-3.
      • Connor Division: Maryland makes up 2 games to pull into a tie with Damien with 3 games still to play between them.  Damien has won the division the last 2 seasons.  Maryland's last division crown was 2008.
    • Triple Crown
      • Robinson Division: Kylertown tied with Dave's; Kylertown is the defending league champion.
      • Medwick Division: Kansas City leads Mars by 2 games.  Mars has 4 straight 2nd place finishes heading into 2014.
    • Winners Circle
      • Spahn Division: Mobile ahead of Tommy John by 2.


  • Week 25 Transactions Posted - Week 26 deadline - playoff lineups  - TBD
  • Division Champions from games on Sept 16: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Bronx Bombers League - Rizzuto Division: Santa Cruz Waves (owner Andrew Lehman - 2nd win in 2014) - Also won division in 2011
    • Deuces Wild League - Biggio Division: Sugarland Cards (owner Michael Quinn - 4th win in 2014) - 2nd title - made it to the finals last time in 2010
    • Firemen League - Wagner Division: Reggae Boys (owner Ricardo Alexander - 2nd win in 2014) - Repeat winner
    • Geek Pride League:
      • Dorsey Division: Swingset Erectors (owners Jeff Zick and Kevin Connors; Kevin's 2nd win in 2014) - Finished 3rd last year in league's first season
      • Tomlinson Division: Phantastic Phenoms (owner David Henning - 5th win in 2014) - Repeat winner
    • Golden Throat League - Ernie Harwell Division: Boomer Sooners (owner Phillip Dang) - Won league title 2006-2008; First return to playoffs since '08
    • Hall of Fame League:
      • Wagner Division: Boar's Nest (owner Tom Twomey - 8th win in 2014) - 10th division title for the franchise; won the league in 2005 and 2003
      • Cobb Division: San Diego Surfriders (owner Andy Deeble) - Defending league champ; 4th division crown
      • Ruth Division: Seattle Survivors (owners Scott Campbell and Leif Jonson; Leif's 2nd win in 2014) - Repeat division winner and 3rd time overall
    • K Street League - Sutton Division: London Governors (owner Doug Schnack) - Franchise had never finished higher than 3rd in previous 9 seasons
    • North Siders League - Sutter Division: Hostile Take-over (owner Danny Zaccaro) - Inaugural season
    • Pacific Northwest League - Ducks Division: Sagle Shroomage (owner Tom Twomey - 9th win in 2014) - Back to back titles
    • Phightin' Phils League - Klein Division: Backwoods Sasquatch (owner Kevin Connors - 3rd win in 2014) - Defending league champ and only team to win the division in league's 4 seasons
    • Reality Bites - Bachelor Division: Memphis Bighitters (owner Michael Quinn - 5th win in 2014) - 4th straight first-place finish; 6th overall; 2011 League champ
    • Winners Circle League - Galvin Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche - 5th win in 2014) - 2-time defending league champ; Won BW Bash in 2012


  • Week 24 Continues - Games 141-142 posted - See Results
    • Who are we waiting on?  These teams have played the fewest games (through 9/15)
      • 149 games: Cle, KC, Mia, NYY, Oak, SD, Sea, Tex, Tor, Was
      • 150 games: Many teams
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game # to determine how many BWB games can be scored
    • Yeah, there are enough MLB games to finish off the week, but I'm running out of time today. Next update expected Thursday night.
  • More Division Champions from games on Sept 15: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - Sutton Division: Tennessee Rockers (owner Andrew Lehman) - First division title; best finish had been 2nd in 2012
    • Chevy Chase League:
      • Ty Webb Division: St Cloud Ice (owner Jerry King - 3rd win in 2014) - League champ in 2007-08; Makes first playoff appearance since 2011
      • Emmit Fitz-Hume Division: Quahog Drunken Clams (owner Don Kruse - 5th win in 2014) - Defending league champion; 3rd division title
    • Cleveland Rocks - Harder Division: Toledo Torpedoes (owner Tom Twomey - 6th win in 2014) - Repeat winner
    • Golden Throat League - Bob Prince Division: College Park Turtles (owner Adam Wilson) - 2nd division win - last time was in 2008
    • Moneyball League - Art Howe Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche - 4th win in 2014) - Repeat winner
    • Motor City League - Gehringer Division: Maplewood Prospects (owner Jacob Vass) - Went young in draft and lost 90 games; Division winner in year 2
    • Phightin' Phils League - Ashburn Division: Kalas City Broadcasters (owner Robert Elias - 2nd win in 2014) - Only division winner in league's four seasons
    • Reality Bites - Amazing Race Division: Sea Isle City Sandsharks (owner Robert Elias - 3rd win in 2014) - 3-time league champ; missed playoffs in 2013
    • Redbirds League:
      • Brock Division: Manalapan Monchichis (owner Tom Twomey - 7th win in 2014) - 5th division win - made it to finals in 2012 and 2013
      • Slaughter Division: Bloomingdale Camelback Crickets (owner Chris Bellina) - 6 years in the league never finished higher than 3rd; Wins division in 7th season
    • Silver Screen League - Angels in the Outfield Division: Oscar's Cast of Legends (owner David Henning - 4th win in 2014) - Inaugural Season
    • Three of a Kind League - Beckley Division: Wyalusing Whiffers (owner Jay Snyder) - 3rd title - won the league in 2012


  • More Division Champions from our last games of Week 23: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Batman League - Keaton Division: Killer Bees (owner Robert Elias) - Defending league champion
    • Beatleball - Starr Division: Killer Bees (owner Roland Dupont - 2nd win in 2014) - 2nd title; Conference champ in 2011
    • Cleveland Rocks - Averill Division: Lake Erie Storm (owner David Henning - 2nd win in 2014) - Finished 2nd last year in league's first season
    • Deuces Wild League - Musial Division: Washington Insiders (owner Don Kruse - 4th win in 2014) - Third straight division win - fourth overall
    • Federal League - St. Louis Terriers Division: Atlanta Kool Runnings (owner Ricardo Alexander) - Team finished 4th in league's previous 2 seasons; 94 losses in 2013
    • Fenway Fenatics - Doerr Division: Giza Resonance (owner Kevin Connors - 2nd win in 2014) - Repeat division crown; League Champion in 2011
    • Firemen League - Eckersley Division: Miami Valley Mystic Revelation (owner David Henning - 3rd win in 2014) - Second win - got to the finals in 2012
    • Golden Throat League - Haray Carey Division: Newport News Aliens & Predators (owner Tom Twomey - 5th win in 2014) - 6th title; Franchise won the league in 2012 and 2009
    • K Street League:
      • Blyleven Division: Alvin Express (owner Michael Quinn - 3rd win in 2014) - First title for this owner; 5th overall - League champ in 2010 and 2005
      • Seaver Division: Altoona Thunder Chicken (owner Jerry King - 2nd win in 2014) - Return to playoffs for first time since 2011 - fifth title overall; League champ in 2011
      • Perry Division: D.C. Lobbyists (owner Jon Swanson - 2nd win in 2014) - 3rd consecutive title
    • Longball League - Robinson Division: Trinidad Island Vikings (owner Leif Jonson) - 2 time defending league champ; 7th division title
    • Motor City League - Greenberg Division: Mt. Pleasant Bomb Squad (owner Jason Kiernan) - 3rd place last year in league's initial season
    • Murderers' Row - Big Poison Division: Palookaville Pugs (owner Sherman Wan - 3rd win in 2014) - 3rd division win - also on top in 2011 and 2012
    • Perfect World League - Randy Johnson Division: Malta Falcons (owner Sherman Wan - 4th win in 2014) - Back to back titles
    • Redbirds League - Dean Division: Pittsburgh Huskers (owner Mike Cerny) - Franchise's first title in league's 7th season
    • Steel City League - Wagner Division: House of Lannister (owner Brian Haines) - Inaugural Season
    • Superman League - Dean Cain Division: Hometown Pizza Boys (owner Tom McGraw) - Team had never finished above 2nd
    • Triple Crown League - Yastrzemski Division: Little Mack Attack (owner Tom McGraw - 2nd win in 2014) - Wins division even years - 2010 and 2012 before this



  • Reminder: This is the final week for free agent acquisitions - Week 25 is limited to lineup changes, cuts, and IR moves


  • Reminder: Roster expansion for "callups" occurs in Week 23-25 to allow your taxi squad and minor league players to contribute to game action.
  • More Division Champions from our first games of Week 23: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Beatleball - McCartney Division: London Groove Armada (owner Sherman Wan) - Has stranglehold on this division - 8 wins in 11 seasons; League titles in 2011 & 2006
    • Beer League - Hops Division: Kingfisher Ale Slammers (owner Tom Twomey - 3rd win in 2014) - 4th straight win - 5th overall; Won the league in 2011
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - Reese Division: Aksarben Krusaders (owner Don Kruse) - 4th division win - Conference champ in 2011
    • Fenway Fenatics - Cronin Division: Utopia Unibrows (owner Tom Twomey - 4th win in 2014) - 4th straight title - only team to win this division; League champ in 2012
    • Firemen League - Franco Division: Smoke on the Water (owner Sherman Wan - 2nd win in 2014) - Defending league champ
    • The Kings of Queens League - David Cone Division: Dunder Mifflin Sabres (owner Don Kruse - 2nd win in 2014) - 4th straight win - Conference title in 2011 is only advance to the finals
    • Minnie & Paul League - Oliva Division: Kansas City Monarchs (owner Don Kruse - 3rd win in 2014) - Repeat winner and 3rd time on top - advanced to finals in 2013
    • Motor City League - Horton Division: Gratiot Cards (owner Michael Quinn) - Repeat winner in the league's second season
    • Perfect World League - David Cone Division: Arkansas Hogs (owner Michael Quinn - 2nd win in 2014) - Defending league champion; 4th division title
    • Reality Bites - American Idol Division: Mighty Mice (owner Roland Dupont) - Back to the playoffs after a year off - 5th franchise division win
    • Shadowball - Chicago American Giants Division: Las Vegas Billionaires (owner Jim Sowerby) - 6th division win in 10 years - 3rd straight. League champ in 2012 & 2007
    • They Might Be Giants:
      • Hubbell Division: Belgium Particle Men (owner Jon Swanson) - 1st title - closest to the top before this was 10 GB in 2013
      • Ott Division: San Jose Usurpers (owner Michael Lehman) - Defending league champion and 3rd straight division crown



  • Next Division Champion from Week 22 games (See standings for all leagues)
    • Minnie & Paul League - Blyleven Division: Tonga Tarantula Hawks (owner Tom Twomey - 2nd win in 2014) - 4th straight division title - league runner up in 2011


  • Two more Division Champions as Week 21 closes: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Experts League - Airwaves Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche - 3rd win in 2014) - 4th straight division title, 5th overall; Defending League Champ
    • Blue and Gray League - Jackson Division: Charleston Cannon Fodder (owner Jerry King) - Only team to ever win this division - 6 straight years; 2009 League Champ


  • Trades closed for the season


  • Around BWB  This recap of the best and worst among the 41 leagues in operation this summer updated to show:
    • Franchises that have never won a division title currently in first place
    • Division winners from last year currently under .500


  • Reminder: Roster expansion for "callups" occurs in Week 23-25 to allow your taxi squad and minor league players to contribute to game action.
  • Two Division Champions out of the August 24 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Beer League - Yeast Division: The Natty Lights (owner Jesse Roche - 2nd win in 2014) - 2-time defending league champion; 5th straight division win
    • Moneyball League - Ron Washington Division: Crestone Current (owner Kevin Connors) - Finished 2nd in 2013, 25 GB



  • Another Division Champion before we even start the final 1/5 of the season:
    • Shadowball - Pittsburgh Crawfords Division: Jersey City Dirty Bombs (owner Tom Twomey) - 6th division title; Won the conference crown in 2013


  • Our first Division Champion:
    • Murderers' Row - Big Ed Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche) - Defending League champ; won league and BW Bash in 2011


  • Transaction/Lineup deadline now shifts to WEDNESDAYS for the final 5 weeks


  • Rule changes?
    • I have a collection of items for consideration
      • Some things I'd like to fix
      • Some fixes I suggest based on comments in the past
      • Some direct suggestions from you in the past 2-3 months via email
      • Topics include: Trade deadline, Are "cash only" trades good or bad?, Dealing with lineup construction and bench usage or who should be considered for the starting lineup, Startup Draft, Redistribution Draft.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Blog for the items of discussion and enter your comments
    • No changes coming soon - probably not until October - but your input now and during the next few weeks of August and September will be valuable.


  • Thanks to new people in the game each year that dig into the rules and find problems/inconsistencies.  Here's another correction in the scoring formula - not a rule change or game-scoring change, but something left out of the batting score formula when converting from spreadsheets & computer code to the text of the rulebook.


  • At Game 100, we reached the 2/3 mark of the regular season.


  • Don't forget - final week to submit contract extensions - Information - Rules Page
    • Submission Form - Due Thursday, July 31 - 9 PM Eastern
    • Plenty of information on the links above, but remember:
      • You must have all the money on hand now
      • No rebates for future seasons
      • A player cannot be extended and traded in the same week - he's got to be on your roster already
      • This is a cost-saving move - paying a cheaper price for a player now than he will be next season.  You do NOT have to do this in order to keep the player for 2015.  You do NOT have to spend the money now or lose it.  You'll keep any leftover cash throughout the winter for paying 2015 salaries and signing free agents.


  • Teams already received their July cash disbursement of 1 million bucks - so the cash you have is what you have available for this week's final shot at contract extensions (plus any salary rebates from trades this week and cash you get based on Week 16 games).
  • ORPHAN CLEARANCE: We still have some orphan teams available. Contact us to get set up with one.  These are FREE for the remainder of 2014 AND you'll get the team in 2015 at the orphan rate ($35)



  • I've been alerted to a problem with receiving emails related to trades and broadcast messages from other users - particularly if your email address is Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and some others.
    • You can look up DMARC for the technical details, but this will mean that I need to redo how BWB generates emails between team owners.
    • In the meantime, if you think you are not receiving trade offers, don't forget that you can see all of your pending transactions across all teams - including pending trade decisions.  This works even if you have only one team.
  • Here's a new page: Around BWB.  This will show of recap of the best and worst among the 41 leagues in operation this summer.  Currently it shows the teams with the best and worst records in the system - but look for additional categories in the next month or two.


  • Some additional page changes to reduce clicks:
    • As with the signs/drops, there's no more intermediate page after making lineup changes - you'll go right back to the lineup change form in case you have more adjustments.
    • On the all my rosters and all my transactions pages, instead of just switching only to the team roster, you have choices to go directly to your lineup change form and transaction page.

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