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  • There are still some teams to get legal rosters.  I'm not home tonight so I'm physically unable to process the cuts until very late Tuesday night or on Wednesday, so I'm extending the deadline for now until tonight at midnight Eastern (this was originally midnight Pacific but the person with the most teams to fix just completed).
  • We'll adjust the deadline for the first redistribution draft picks accordingly.  Some of you ask for extensions when the deadline is Super Bowl Sunday, so this way we avoid that.
  • With this little extension, this also gives everyone a shot to reconsider any decisions about Masahira Tanaka
    • At the time the roster cuts are processed, all 2021 salaries are deducted for the players you keep
    • If Tanaka later signs with a team in Japan - you can cut him after the Redistribution Draft, but you will only get an 80% rebate for his 2021 salary.
    • Your choice is to keep him and take the chance he finds a home in MLB and risking losing 20% of his salary if he doesn't - or cut him now and risk that he does in fact stay in the US and you've lost the pitcher.
    • Obviously if you have Tanaka under contract for 2021 or beyond, you've already paid for him and you won't get that money back, so you only risk taking up a roster spot by keeping him, you're not risking any cash.
    • Where do you have Tanaka?  You can view all your rosters and search for him on the web page or check the all your players page
    • To be clear, if the deadline passes but a Tanaka signing in Japan is announced before I process the cuts, Tanaka will be removed from all rosters at that time and teams will not be charged for his 2021 salary


  • While we wait for tonight's extended deadline for roster cuts, I've reset the transaction order for the Redistribution Draft and the off season.  Remember that we had a Covid-season change that, among other things, put the winner of the Bottom Feeder Open in the first spot of the order rather than the team with the worst record.
  • There are still some teams that are not at the 28-man limit.  Some it appears haven't started, some are over one of the limits.
    • Check your teams for errors
    • I don't want to do the cut downs for you - so I've extended the deadline until 1 AM Eastern time tonight.  Depending on the feedback I get it may go a little later, but every extension will cut into the time that everyone else has for the first set of Redistribution Draft picks that are due on Sunday, Feb. 7.


  • Are you getting "deceptive site" warnings while using Chrome to visit BWB?  One quick suggestion is to try a different browser.  However, you can also change your security settings in Chrome to prevent the constant warnings and perform your tasks without interruption.
  • Reminder - you must cut your rosters down to 28 or fewer players by Sunday night (midnight Pacific Time)
    • You'll have to pay the 2021 salary for the players you keep at that time.  You will not receive additional cash until Opening Day, so keep enough for the Redistribution Draft and for pre-season free agency.
  • If you're going to be paying for individual teams and not one of the packages, you can save $5 per team if you pay by Saturday night at midnight Pacific (or shown on the site as 3 AM EST on 1/24/2021).  See your payment summary.

Did You Know? BWB is now listed on John Skilton's Baseball Links


  • New leagues are open for 2021.  We're listing only 3 to begin with - if there's additional demand later this winter we can add more.
  • Do you want to try to resuscitate a troubled franchise rather than begin one from scratch?  There are a number of orphan teams that you can adopt and attempt to rebuild.
  • Did you win a league championship or win one of the other postseason tournaments (or be named a conference champ)?  Then you earned a free bonus team that you can use in 2021 for either a brand new league or as an orphan.  You can check to see if you have any bonus teams in your list. (Bonus teams weren't added to any Cooperstown Club members - you can grab an extra team for no additional charge at any time).


  • Week 30 Transaction Results Posted
  • - Winter Trade Period #2
  • Next deadline is for your roster reductions to 28 or fewer players - deadline Sunday, January 24 at midnight Pacific Time
  • With the trading period done and everyone about to cut down your rosters, all the trade rumors have been cleared out to start fresh for a new season.
  • 119 New players added to the game based on the 40-man rosters for MLB teams
    • This is the only player addition until after Opening Day
    • To find them - In the filter/search area of the player lists, look for the "New in 2021" menu - See the list of new players


  • Anyone who paid over $100 in total team fees in 2020 got missed in calculating the credit due back to you for the shortened season.  That's been fixed and you'll find an updated payment summary.
  • New leagues are open for 2021.  List draft leagues draft when they fill - deadline dates are estimates and targets for filling.  Live drafts have tentative dates and times set aside for them already.


  • 2021 team fees are posted
    • Check your payment summary
    • Because about 2/3 of the 2020 season was wiped out, there are discounts for 2021
      • For teams paid on a per-team basis, roughly 2/3 of your 2020 payment has been credited to your 2021 fees.  Typically the discount was spread across your teams - look in the "Other Discount" column with the heading "OD" on the summary page.
      • For team owners who purchased a full-price Season Ticket in 2020, you'll have the chance to get a 2021 Season Ticket for $150 - about half off the normal $295 cost.
    • Pay by January 24 and get an early payment discount
    • If you're adversely affected by the pandemic and recession and will have trouble with your 2021 team fees - please contact me and we can arrange something.


  • Winter Deadlines - CHANGES: (pushing things back one week)
    • Sunday, January 17: Winter trade period #2
    • Sunday, January 24: Rosters cut down to 28 or fewer players
    • Sunday, February 7: Redistribution Draft - picks for Round 1
    • Subject to change. All deadlines are at midnight EST.



  • Winter Deadlines:
    • Sunday, December 20: Deadline to indicate you're keeping your teams for 2021
    • Sunday, December 20: Winter trade period #1
    • Sunday, January 10 January 17: Winter trade period #2
    • Sunday, January 17  January 24: Rosters cut down to 28 or fewer players
    • Sunday, January 31 February 7: Redistribution Draft - picks for Round 1
    • Subject to change. All deadlines are at midnight EST.


  • The system is now open and ready for you to start picking your player cuts and for trades - the first trade deadline is Sunday night, December 20 at midnight EST.
  • First step before you can do any trading or pick your carryover players - indicate if you're keeping each of your teams in 2020.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is December 20 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.
  • Are you having problems with constant warning messages about BWB being a potentially dangerous website?
    • This happens primarily on Chrome and I think some on Firefox.
    • I changed some security settings on my browsers this summer and so the warning messages went away for me.  I apologize that I then kind of forgot about it and some of you were frustrated in working on your teams.
    • Plans are that over the winter, we'll gradually move the BWB site to a new host and a new web domain - combining with some other changes, this should fix the situation.
    • In the meantime - what about picking your player cuts?  It's not a great solution long-term, but while you work on BWB, you can change some security settings in the browser and the warnings stop.  Let me know and I can guide you through the change - at some point this weekend I'll post some directions.
    • I hope you'll stick it out through the changes this winter - thanks for playing Benchwarmer Baseball!


  • And we are underway for prep into 2021:
  • We're not quite ready to open up the teams for trades and to start listing your player cuts.  There's some additional setup work to do first - will try to get everything open by Tuesday night.


  • Salaries are done - not yet posted.  I had to spend some time with some rule changes around salaries before I could move on.
  • Figuring out positions comes next - that should be fairly quick and done by Monday.
  • I'll post the new salaries and positions at the same time - and then we'll open things up for 2021 prep.


  • So, what's new?  What's going on?
    • I'm currently working on finalizing player salaries - the base salaries are done and I'm calculating the premium bonuses.  The salary cap has been determined - this should all post this weekend.
    • Also - hopefully by this weekend, we'll have position updates.
    • After those are all up, we'll open things up for you to start cutting back your rosters to 28 players and start up 2 early winter trading periods.


  • Benchwarmer Bash Final Results: Stargell's Spectacular Slammin Spectacle (Steel City League) defeated Three Blind Mouse-ketiers (Three of a Kind League) 4 games to 2.
    • Congratulations to team owner Jason Kiernan, who actually is the owner of both teams in the final.
    • This is Jason's 2nd win in the BWB ultimate tournament.  He won with his team from Marxball in 2018.

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