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Benchwarmer News


  • To help out those of you with multiple teams (10+, 20+, 30+!!) - the transaction/lineup deadline is extended out to 7 PM Eastern on Friday - this is the last shot for contract extensions.


  • Week 16 Continues - Games 93-94 posted - See Results
    • Who are we waiting on? These teams have played the fewest MLB games (through 7/27):
      • 99 games - Bos, Cle, Mil
      • 100 games - Bal, ChC, KC, Min, NYM, Pit, Sea, TB
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game # to determine how many BWB games can be scored
    • Next score update expected Sunday
    • Around BWB



  • A reminder of what's coming up of importance in the BWB calendar - See the season schedule for details.
    • Week 17 - THIS WEEK - deadline Friday 7/29 at 7 AM EDT - final week to sign player contract extensions for 2017
    • Week 20 - deadline Thursday 8/18 - trade deadline
    • Week 23 - deadline Wednesday 9/7 - "roster expansion" - taxi squad and minor league players can fill in as an extended bench
    • Week 24 - deadline Wednesday 9/14 - final week to sign free agents for the 2016 season/post-season


  • The next transaction/lineup deadline is extended through Friday morning at 7 AM to allow you more time with contracts.
  • Contract extensions for 2017 and beyond are due Friday 7/29 by 7 AM EDT.  See the extension page for information including rules or tips, or just go straight to the contract submission form.

Did You Know? You can choose not to receive broadcast email messages from other owners

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  • Week Sixteen Transactions posted.  Week 17 deadline is Friday, July 29 at 7 AM EDT
    • This is the final week to sign contract extensions - so the deadline is extended to midnight instead of 7 PM
    • All teams have been given their July cash distribution of 1 million Benchwarmer Bucks.


  • We're done for now with games in your division - the next 8 weeks of games are outside the division before we return to divisional matchups for the final 3 weeks of the season.


  • There are no more salary rebates for player releases during the 2016 season
  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks).  So for Weeks 16-20, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on THURSDAY.


  • I received a large volume of corrected box scores today (almost 900 files I had to process rather than the expected 41 files from the last 3 days), so I am running behind...
    • Expect Week 14 transaction results on Sunday morning or afternoon.
    • And then the first set of Week 14 game results by Sunday night - Monday night.


  • We've hit the halfway point of the regular season as Game 75 is posted


  • Now that we're past one major season milestone (1st round draft picks added), what's coming up that you should be tracking? - See the season schedule for details.
    • Week 15 - deadline Friday 7/15 - last chance to cut a player this season and get a prorated salary rebate; all cuts after that week are done with no cash back to you
    • Week 16 - deadline Thursday 7/21 - your chance to rearrange your starting rotation without concern for number of days of rest between Weeks 15 & 16 - our "All Star Break"
    • Week 17 - deadline Thursday 7/28 - final week to sign player contract extensions for 2017
    • Week 20 - deadline Thursday 8/18 - trade deadline


  • Need to make up some ground?  The next 3 weeks - 18 games - are all within your division.


  • First round draft picks of 2016 are now in the player list.  You can sign them this week.
    • Slight risk in signing draft picks - if the player does not sign by the MLB deadline (mid-July?), the player is immediately removed from your roster and from BWB.
    • How to find the picks?  On the player selection screen, use the "Other" filter and you'll find an option for "First Round (2016)"


  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks).  So for Weeks 11-15, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on FRIDAY.
  • Early warning - the Week 13 transaction/lineup deadline will probably be moved ahead 1 day from Friday, July 1 to Thursday, June 30 as I'll be traveling over that weekend and can't rely that I'll have web access or time to work on processing.


  • When will you see the first round draft picks hit the BWB player list?
    • First round picks will debut in BWB after the Week 11 transactions post
    • So the first week to sign them will be Week 12 - with a Friday, June 24 deadline.  That gives you a couple weeks to figure out who you like.
  • Dan Foley's latest BWB post on From April Till Fall looks at three of his underperforming teams - and realizes they are one-dimensional.


  • We hit the 1/3 point of the regular season with Game 50 posted



  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks).  So for Weeks 6-10, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on SATURDAY.


  • We're 3 weeks into the season - time to look at the highs and lows among all the leagues in Around BWB
  • The first 3 weeks of games were all within your division. Now, for the next 8 weeks, you'll play teams outside your division.


  • A Blast from the Past - Benchwarmer Bloggers
    • A few years ago, we had a couple of owners serve as "official" BWB bloggers, and it lasted a couple of seasons.  Well the idea is back.
    • Dan Foley, Jr. has a blog reliving the 2011 baseball season (a Cardinals fan, he's checking into a season when both the big team and their Quad Cities minor league team won championships).  Check it out at From April Till Fall
    • Dan's going to include some posts about BWB - you should check out the first post - an overview of the game and how Dan came to it.
    • If you have a similar interest, whether that's promoting the game, recapping your seasons, providing strategy hints, or something else you'd like to share - contact me and we can set something up.
  • Hey - have you paid your 2016 bill yet?  See your payment statusUnpaid teams will be locked out of transactions beginning next week.


  • Transaction order from here on out is based upon the current standings, it generally will be updated a day or two after a week completes - and the Week 3 picking order is now correct and current.


  • Week 1 Begins - OPENING DAY!- Game 1 posted - See Results


  • The Five Game Gap - if you're new to BWB or just need a reminder, check out the explanation of how MLB games map to BWB games
  • So we need to wait until all teams play MLB game #6 to get to BWB game #1.  If the weather holds, Cleveland plays their game #5 on Tuesday and game #6 on Wednesday - so the earliest we'll get a score for Game 1 will be Thursday night.
  • Deadlines - see the rules page and the season schedule:
    • We shift the deadline day throughout the season to keep the BWB 6-game weeks better aligned with the MLB 7-game weeks.
    • The deadline time is generally set to the time of the first MLB game of the day - however in 2016 we'll try out this approach which will be more consistent for you week-to-week:
      • Deadlines on Saturdays or Sundays will always be at 1 PM Eastern
      • Deadlines on weekdays will always be 7 PM Eastern.
    • For those in the Pacific time zone looking for later deadlines, if I were to set a midnight Pacific deadline time, it would be on the previous day (so our upcoming Week 2 deadline would be Saturday night, not Sunday afternoon).  As is, this gives some additional time for news to break that may affect your decisions, plus in most weeks it allows me to process the transactions on the same day and open up the next week more quickly.


  • 2016 Schedule posted - you can see this in a number of ways:
    • Weekly schedule for your entire league - this is the link I'll post on the home page when we score games, it's also available on your league's home page and in the footer of every web page - the "Results" link.  This page will show the results and links to box scores.
    • Full season schedule for your league - a text representation of each 3-game series for this year.  It's also available as a link on the league home page and on the weekly schedule.  This page will not show game results.
    • Full season schedule for your team - A running record of all your games (or check out another team), including YTD record at each game, a link to the box score, and a look at upcoming pitching matchups (available once I get the Week 1 lineups from everyone).  This is available from a link at the top of the weekly schedule page.

See the News Archive for older headlines.