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Benchwarmer News


  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase One Draft
    • See the Royal Flush Draft Index for updates
    • Final Saturday update - Posted today: Contested picks for players with salary > 100 with #1 ranks and then picked by 3 or more teams.  We'll finish off on Sunday


  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase One Draft - Posted today: Contested picks for players with salary 100 picked by 2-6 teams
  • Welcome to Benchwarmer Baseball - It's a different form of fantasy baseball as we play individual head-to-head games simulated from daily MLB stats - this isn't a Rotisserie game.
    • This is fantasy baseball 365 days a year.  Teams are now submitting draft lists for the Redistribution Draft.  It's a method of restocking teams for the next season and beyond - and heavily weighted toward providing help to teams that finished at the bottom last season.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Baseball Tour for an introduction.
    • There are new leagues forming and will draft from scratch before the 2015 season.  But, if you'd like to attempt to turn around a struggling team, these orphan teams are available...pick up an existing team and rebuild it, rather than start from scratch.
      • Orphan teams are just $35 - about 1/2 the normal price.
      • If you're interested, your first step is to sign up here.  Then pick out a new league to join, or check out the orphan list again and send us your choice.
    • Are you already a BWB team owner and want to add teams?  Email us is you want an orphan team and we'll set you up.  Or, sign up for an additional team or more and you can draft a team in our new leagues.


  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase One Draft - Posted today: Contested picks for players with salary 100 picked by 7 or more teams


  • Royal Flush League Draft. Phase One Draft - Posted today: Unique draft picks and a listing of the number of teams picking contested players
  • American Association Draft. See the American Association Draft Index for updates and example drafts from last year
    • League is full - Phase One draft lists are due soon
    • Deadline is Sunday, Feb 1 - Noon EST

Did You Know? To email an owner, click on his/her name on the team's roster page

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  • Results of carryover choices posted.  View the Transactions page to see the cuts in your league.
  • The 2015 Redistribution Draft is now open.  You have 2+ weeks to make your selections (see the link on your team roster).  Deadline is Sunday 2/8/15 Noon EST.


  • Since many of you have a ton of teams and I may still have a bunch of orphans to process, the first picks for the Redistribution Draft will be due Sunday, Feb 8.  With the new multiweek posting/adjustments, updated lists will be due each Sunday after that.
  • For the Royal Flush League, I was working with a couple teams today to get them to legal lists - not sure if I can post preliminary results on Tuesday night - it could now be on Wednesday night.


  • Do you have multiple teams?  You can see the status of your carry over selections for all teams on one page. (Just added - a recap of number of players and remaining cash balance)
  • I can pretty much guarantee I can't get through the orphan list to do roster carry overs by Thursday night - so let's just extend this now and give you all the extra time - Roster decisions are now due Monday, January 19 at Noon EST.



  • 114 New players added to the BWB Player List
    • This is based on the 40-man rosters
    • No more players will be added - they must now appear in an MLB game before they get added to the list
  • Two more players removed from the game who were on some rosters (so they're already pulled off the rosters too)
    • John McDonald (retired)
    • Gaby Sanchez (signed in Japan)


  • December 25, 2014: The Day the Laptop Died
    • Not much activity here on the website due to travel and the primary computer for BWB dying on 12/25
    • No data lost, but I had to hold off on several updates while getting data recovery and tech repair and so lost about a week of potential time
    • New deadlines as a result:
      • Cutdown to 28 players now due at 8 PM Eastern on Thursday, Jan 15 (changed from 1/11)
      • Redistribution Draft selections due Sunday, Feb 1 (changed from 1/25)
      • There's also a slight delay in the Phase 1 draft for American Association League to post/prep for a new rule change
  • Winter trading period 2 posted
  • 93 more players removed from the player list - these 4 players were on BWB rosters and are now gone:
    • Eric Arnett
    • Cody Johnson
    • Hiroki Kuroda
    • Logan Ondrusek
  • All player positions now verified for 2015
  • Player additions (based on 40-man rosters) delayed due to the tech issues - will try to put in later this week.


  • For 2015 - Bumping up the owner referral program for the season.  Owners who play 15-20 teams a year (or more!!) are great - but we still are always on the lookout for new people to come in and try their first team or two....
    • Refer a brand new person to BWB for 2015 and instead of a $10 credit on one of your teams, you'll get a FREE team.
    • Extra special 2015 - possible credit toward Season Tickets and Cooperstown Club
    • Tell your friends to sign up and make sure they type in your name on the form.
    • Referral bonus only applies to *paid* teams.  If you're giving away a bonus free team to get the person into BWB, you'll get your referral credit if he/she comes back for Year 2 or buys additional teams in 2015.  Other restrictions and processes apply - see the rules for details.


  • 2015 Rule Changes:
    • All changes incorporated into the permanent rules pages
    • Prizes for division/conference wins updated
    • Slight modification to the previous change that added a transaction fee to IR moves (relaxed the fee refund provision)


  • Winter trading period 1 posted - Trades now open again with deadline Sat Jan 3
  • Over 100 players removed from the player list (more to come) - these players were on BWB rosters and are now gone:
    • Carlos Gutierrez
    • Brandon Laird
    • Wade LeBlanc
    • Barret Loux
    • Michael Main
    • Daisuke Matsuzaka
    • Miles Mikolas
    • Hiroyuki Nakajima
    • Kolbrin Vitek
  • Player additions (based on 40-man rosters) most likely to show up after the Jan 3 trade deadline.


  • Enhancement to the trade process: When someone accepts a trade, all other open trade requests involving any players in that accepted trade will be automatically cancelled.  This should eliminate the situation where the same player is traded to different teams.


  • I'm aware of emails from the game bouncing such as your league broadcasts and/or trade requests (I get a copy of them all).  I will be requesting a server change for the website for other reasons to get me off old technology (and more expensive/unsupported).  I need to wait until that's done to really dig into the problem.  For many domains, the IP address of the mail server where BWB messages come from is on a blocked/spam list.  In some cases bounces are due to bad/obsolete owner email addresses.
  • More 2015 Rule Changes:




  • Team payment information - you can find a link on your team roster page, but here's a direct link to your financial summary.  Most teams have a $5 early payment discount through Dec. 13.


  • First new 2015 Rule Change - We'll post the Redistribution Draft one round at a time - teams will have the chance to change the remainder of their list in between rounds.  Additional comment coming soon on the Redistribution Draft.


  • Here's a recap of the 2015 Rule Changes so far (as of August)
  • Meanwhile, I've reviewed the comments on the blog for other suggested rule changes and over the next week or two will make some decisions and post any resulting changes.


  • Here's a list of: Things to know about the postseason - and prepping for 2015.
  • First step before you can do any trading or pick your carryover players - indicate if you're keeping each of your teams in 2015.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is January 3 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.
  • Things to note before deciding to come back:
    • There's a $5 increase in team fees / the multiteam discount however increased from $10 to $20.
    • Package prices for leagues, etc. and Season Tickets have increased accordingly
    • Pay before Dec 14 at 3AM Eastern - and you'll offset that $5 increase with an early payment discount. League packages are at 2014 prices until then.
  • Teams with league championships and other post-season tournament winners have free bonus teams to use.  See the list of new leagues coming in 2015.
  • You can also pick up new teams for 2015.
  • Trades are now open - you have until December 13 for the first trade session.  The second session will extend through Jan 3.
  • You can also begin choosing your carry over players - visit your team roster(s) for a link to do that.  Final deadline is January 11.
  • There may be some pages that don't yet work or haven't been fully switched to 2015.  Be patient - I'll get those working soon.  Let me know if you find anything.


  • Rosters reopened....Trades available with the next trade deadline as Saturday, Dec 13 at midnight Pacific.
  • Carryover choices due Sunday, January 11, 2015
  • Look for postings on rule changes over the next 2-3 weeks.


  • Getting ready for 2015:
    • Not yet ready to open up rosters for off-season trading and cuts, but there are some updates
    • Player salaries updated for 2015 - these are FINAL
    • Positions updated for 2015 - these are final, except for where you see an "x" in the position - these players are not yet verified (and some may be removed from the game for 2015).
    • Salary cap - The 2015 cap is 37328 - very close to 2014's 37400.
      • Teams have been given their 2015 cap cash (the actual distribution is enough to get the team in your league with the smallest cash balance up to the cap level).
      • Post season cash awards for playoffs and Players of the Year are still to be awarded.
    • These players have been removed from the game and pulled from any rosters:
      • Brady Aiken (draft choice did not sign)
      • Josh Beckett (retired)
      • Adam Dunn (retired)
      • Derek Jeter (retired)
      • Kris Johnson (signed in Japan)
      • Paul Konerko (retired)
      • J.J. Putz (retired)
      • Brian Roberts (retired)
      • Alfonso Soriano (retired)
      • Oscar Taveras (deceased)
      • Other players dropped as well - the ones above were on BWB rosters


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - We're down to the final two in the Benchwarmer Bash:
    • #1 Seed: Crestone Current (111-39, Moneyball League) owner Kevin Connors
    • #2 Seed: The Natty Lights (111-39, Beer League) owner Jesse Roche
    • Both owners have won the Bash previously with different teams - Kevin in 2013 and Jesse in 2012 and 2011.
    • See the bracket
    • Final Result: Crestone defeated The 4-3; Congratulations Kevin!
  • Prepping for 2015 - Salaries almost complete - positions set soon - should be able to post those and open up your rosters for adjustments early this week!  (Maybe Monday, but not positive yet)



  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash  8 teams now down to 4 that remain in contention for one overall champion - Quarterfinals complete


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash - 8 Federation champs crowned, 4 league champions and 4 wild cards - they move on to the Benchwarmer Bash Bracket
    • Aaron: #7 Seed - Seattle Survivors (Hall of Fame) - Scott Campbell & Leif Jonson
    • Bench: #1 Seed - The Natty Lights (Beer) - Jesse Roche
    • Cobb: #2 Seed - London Groove Armada (Beatleball) - Sherman Wan
    • DiMaggio: #5 Seed - Windsor Wolverines (Motor City) - Tom Twomey
    • Eckersley: #1 Seed - Crestone Current (Moneyball) - Kevin Connors
    • Foxx: #1 Seed - Crumpton Roches (Murderers' Row) - Jesse Roche
    • Gehrig: #2 Seed - Phantastic Phantoms (Geek Pride) - David Henning
    • Hornsby: #1 Seed - Charleston Cannon Fodder (Blue and Gray) - Jerry King


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash  Federation Round: Semifinals complete


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Benchwarmer Bash  Federation Round: Quarterfinals complete


  • 2014 Benchwarmer Playoffs - League Championship Week
  • The field for the Benchwarmer Bash is complete
  • Congratulations to teams that won repeat league championships:
    • Batman League - Infinity Island Shadows - Robert Elias - won championship 4-0
    • Beer League - The Natty Lights - Jesse Roche - won 3rd straight championship 4-1
    • Deuces Wild League - Wet Hens - Roland Dupont - won championship 4-2
    • Firemen League - Smoke on the Water - Sherman Wan - won championship 4-0
    • Longball League - Trinidad Island Vikings - Leif Jonson - won 3rd straight championship 4-3
    • Motor City League - Windsor Wolverines - Tom Twomey - won championship 4-3
    • Pacific Northwest League - North by Northwest Crop Dusters - Danny Zaccaro - won championship 4-3
    • Winners Circle League - Crumpton Roches - Jesse Crumpton - going for 3 straight - won championship 4-0
  • Congratulations to owners with league championships in multiple leagues:
    • 6 leagues - Tom Twomey
    • 5 leagues - David Henning
    • 4 leagues - Sherman Wan
    • 3 leagues - ,Jesse Roche
    • 2 leagues - Ricardo Alexander, Roland Dupont, Robert Elias, Leif Jonson, Don Kruse

See the News Archive for older headlines.