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Benchwarmer Baseball Rules

10.0 Minor Leagues

10.1 Eligibility

In addition to the active roster and taxi squad, a team may field a minor league roster of up to 10 players.  These players may be either hitters or pitchers in any combination.  Players may be either in the “real” major or minor leagues.  However, the BWB minor league roster is limited to players whose salary is 250 or less.


Players can be transferred between the active roster and the minor leagues an unlimited number of times.  Changes are made during the normal roster change procedure.
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10.2 Minor League Competition

The minor league teams will compete against each other throughout the season.  The only statistics that will count for the minor league season will be those actually played in the minors.  Players who are on the fantasy minor league roster, but currently on a major league team will not be included.


Note: Players on taxi squads earn no minor league points.

10.2.1 Scoring

Scoring uses one of the traditional Rotisserie formats - a 5x5 approach in the following areas:



Batting Average









WHIP (Walks & Hits per IP)

Teams are ranked by each category.  The top team in a category will receive 16 points, the 2nd place will get 15, etc.  After totaling up the 10 categories, the teams are ranked by total points.  Winning each category would earn you a perfect score of 160.

10.2.2 Season Schedule

Statistics will be collected based upon your minor league roster and the current minor league stats in these fantasy weeks:

4     7     10     13     16     19     22

Only those stats earned in between weeks will be added to the team's total.  That is, if you've got a player with 8 HR by Week 10, and on week 13 he's got 14, only the six additional HR are added to your totals.  That way, players called up to the majors earn points for their initial stats, but you get no further credit for keeping them in the minors. When players appear for the first time on a minor league roster, their baseline value for all stats is calculated at the previous scoring week.

10.2.3 Schedule Exceptions

Collecting minor league statistics is a major chore. BWB reserves the right to collect stats at the end of the season for all players who appeared on Benchwarmer minor league rosters in the weeks listed above and present the minor league results as one season-ending listing, rather than incremental results.

10.2.4 Special Scoring Notes

Since some of the scoring categories involve averages, and not all BWB teams carry a full minor league roster, there is a need to define a minimum number of at bats and innings pitched to score well.  Additionally, those teams that have some statistics for batting or pitching in minor leagues, but don't qualify for minimums should score better than teams with no minor league players at all.  Thus the following adjustments will be made.

  • Teams with 0 AB: Adjusted Team Batting Average = .000
  • Teams with < minimum AB: Adjusted Team Batting Average = .001
  • Teams with 0 IP: Adjusted ERA = 100.00  Adjusted WHIP = 100.00
  • Teams with < minimum IP: Adjusted ERA = 50.00   Adjusted WHIP = 50.00

Minimum AB = 20 * (week #).  Example: in Week 5, the minimum AB = 100.  In Week 21, the minimum AB = 420.  One or two full-time minor league hitters will fulfill this minimum.

Minimum IP = 5 * (week #).  Example: in Week 5, the minimum IP = 25.  In Week 21, the minimum IP = 105.  One full-time minor league starter will fulfill this minimum.


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