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Benchwarmer News


  • No updates yet for 2022 salaries and positions - will be working on that in the next few days and post soon after that.


  • Benchwarmer Bash Final Results: Kingston Baseball Club (Marxball) defeated Aurora Borealis (Blame Canada League) 4 games to 1.
    • Congratulations to team owner Ricardo Alexander.
    • This is Ricardo's first win in the BWB ultimate tournament.  He started playing Benchwarmer in 2012.
    • Ricardo won 6 league championships in 2021 and had 10 teams in the field of 128 that started out the Bash last week.
    • Also congratulations to runner-up Sherman Wan - this was Sherman's fourth time to finish 2nd.
  • What's next?
    • Coming up we'll start talking potential rule changes.
    • I'll be calculating 2022 salaries and salary cap and 2022 positions.
    • After the salaries/positions are done, we'll open up the prep for the 2022 season with two trading periods and your chance to choose up to 28 players to keep on your rosters.
    • Will update later on when this will be ready. Will shoot for this weekend, but may need a little more time than that.


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - The final series is complete - Games 1-5 posted. Kingston beat Aurora 4 games to 1.
  • We're down to our final two teams. Aurora and Kingston were victorious in the semifinals:
    • Kingston (101-49, Marxball, Power Rank 9) - Ricardo Alexander vs. Aurora (111-39, Blame Canada, Power Rank 1) - Sherman Wan
    • Neither owner has won a Bash title before
    • No winner has come out of Blame Canada League before. We had a winner from Marxball in 2018.
    • Aurora beat another team by Ricardo in the semifinals. Kingston beat another team by Sherman in the quarterfinals.

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  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - Semifinals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Semifinal matchups:
    • NYC2ATL (92-58, Phightin' Phils, Power Rank 37) - Ricardo Alexander vs. Aurora (111-39, Blame Canada, Power Rank 1) - Sherman Wan
    • Biff, Bam, (90-60, Batman, Power Rank 36) - Jason Kiernan vs. Kingston (101-49, Marxball, Power Rank 9) - Ricardo Alexander


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - We move on to the Bash round with the final 8 teams. Quarterfinals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Previewing the Bash:
    • There are 8 teams remaining - 3 league champions and 5 wild card teams
    • None of the franchises have won the Bash previously - although two owners have won before with other teams: Jason Kiernan, last year and 2018, and Jay Snyder won in 2015.
    • No teams repeated this year as Federation champions.
    • Federation titles by seed:
      • 1st: 2
      • 2nd: 2
      • 3rd: 2
      • 4th: 2
    • Owners with multiple teams in final 8:
      • 2 teams: Ricardo Alexander, Jason Kiernan, Sherman Wan
      • Jason's two teams face each other in the first round
    • The number one team in BWB's power ranking, Aurora Borealis, tops the field, continuing a 6-year streak for the #1 team to reach this round. But only 2 of the top 10 are here, which is the smallest number since 2015, when only one of the top 10 (#7) advanced from the Federations.



  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - Federation semifinals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Previewing the Federation round:
    • There are 32 teams in the Federation field - 19 league champions and 13 wild card teams
    • Two franchises have previously finished as the runner up in the Bash: Three Blind (Jason Kiernan) last year and Wisconsin (Greg Flees) in 2012
    • 4 of the teams have previously won a Federation title, with 2 of 2020's 8 Federation winners still in the hunt for a repeat.
    • One of the 16 semifinal series has an owner with teams on both sides of the matchup - Jason Kiernan in the Aaron Federation.
    • Owners with multiple teams in the Federation round of the Benchwarmer Bash:
      • 14 teams: Jason Kiernan
      • 4 teams: Ricardo Alexander
      • 3 teams: Jay Snyder
      • 2 teams: Greg Flees, Sherman Wan
      • 7 other owners have a single team


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Association Round Recap
    • Association titles by seed:
      • 1st: 9
      • 2nd: 8
      • 3rd: 10
      • 4th: 5
    • 19 titles were won by league champions, 13 by wild cards
    • For our league championship rematches mentioned below on 11/9, Kingston was able to repeat with another win, while the other two went the opposite way.
    • 15 teams came in with a chance to repeat - only 3 did repeat:
      • Roberto Clemente Association: Volkswagon (Beatleball) - Jason Kiernan
      • Roy Campanella Assocation: Big Train Rides (Whiff) - Jason Kiernan
      • Dizzy Dean Association: Three Blind (Three of a Kind) - Jason Kiernan


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - Association finals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Bash Revenge? Below on 11/7 we noted that there were 5 league championship rematches in the Association semifinals.
    • 4 of them went the opposite way this time - only Wimpy's under Dave Matter was able to repeat with a series win in back to back weeks. Sherman Wan got his revenge with three reversals going his way.
    • Of the 14 conference rematches, 6 of the 14 saw a different winner this time.
  • As we move to the Association finals, there are 5 teams from the same league vying for the win. No conference rematches this time but there are 3 repeats of league championship series:
    • British Invasion: Kingston (Ricardo Alexander) vs Dave Clark Five (Jason Kiernan). Kingston won the league title 4 games to 1.
    • Birdland: Annapolis (Dave Matter) vs Palmer et al (Jason Kiernan). Annapolis won 4-1.
    • Blame Canada: Fairplays (Jason Kiernan) vs Aurora (Sherman Wan). Fairplays won 4-0.
  • In the Association finals we have 4 of the 32 series with an owner playing against himself. Jason Kiernan 3 times and Ricardo Alexander in the other.



  • Benchwarmer Bash - Matchups are posted for the Association Semifinals - see the Benchwarmer Bash page and look for "Association Results" links within each Federation block. Games will begin on Monday.
  • Previewing the Bash:
    • There are 128 teams in the Association field - 67 league champions and 61 wild card teams
    • 1 franchise in the field has previously won a Bash title (Atlanta in Murderers' Row in 2011 when it was called Crumpton) and there are 4 previous runners up.
    • 14 of the teams have previously won a Federation title, with 4 of 2020's 8 Federation winners attempting a repeat this year.
    • 18 of the teams have previously won an Association title (a level of competition that just started in 2019), 15 of 2020's 32 Association winners are in the field again this year.
    • Of the 64 first-round Association matchups, 30 feature teams from the same league playing each other. Several are playoff rematches:
      • There are 14 rematches of conference championships
      • We have 5 league championship rematches:
        • Bronx Bombers: Standing Stone (Jay Snyder) vs DJ Alyx (Sherman Wan). Standing Stone won the league championship 4-2
        • Grunge: Sun (Sherman Wan) vs Knee Deep (Michael Lehman). Knee Deep won 4-2
        • Moneyball: Billy's (Michael Quinn) vs Random (Jason Kiernan). Random won 4-2
        • Original Six: Lamoureux (Sherman Wan) vs Salted (Roland Dupont). Salted won 4-3
        • South Siders: South Pole (Jason Kiernan) vs. Wimpy's (Dave Matter). Wimpy's won 4-1
    • 6 of the 64 first-round series have an owner with teams on both sides of the matchup - Jason Kiernan in 5 of those and Ricardo Alexander in the other.
    • Owners with multiple teams in the Association round of the Benchwarmer Bash:
      • 44 teams: Jason Kiernan
      • 14 teams: Sherman Wan
      • 10 teams: Ricardo Alexander
      • 8 teams: Dave Matter
      • 7 teams: Jay Snyder
      • 6 teams: Michael Quinn
      • 5 teams: Michael Rudolph
      • 4 teams: John Hula
      • 3 teams: Roland Dupont, David Henning, Michael Horvitz
      • 2 teams: Greg Flees, John Stroba, Tom Twomey
      • 15 other owners have a single team


  • Congratulations to BWB team owners who won multiple league championships in 2021: (see how this compares to 2019)
    • 18 titles: Jason Kiernan (out of 30 conference champions)
    • 6 titles: Ricardo Alexander (10), Sherman Wan (11)
    • 4 titles: John Hula (9), Dave Matter (10)
    • 3 titles: David Henning (5), Michael Quinn (6), Jay Snyder (3)
    • 2 titles: Roland Dupont (6), Greg Flees (2), Michael Rudolph (3), John Stroba (2)


  • Team Finances updated for the season awards for division placement
    • This also includes a correction to 9 teams that received the IR fee rebate twice on the last update
    • Playoff rewards will be credited after the 2022 salary cap numbers are calculated


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