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  • Week 1 Complete - Games 5-6 posted - See Results
    • Who are we waiting on?  These teams have played the fewest games (through 4/16):
      • 11 games: Det
      • 13 games: KC, Min
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game # to determine how many BWB games can be scored
    • Next update expected on Saturday or Sunday.


  • Early season weather impacts BWB schedule:
    • We're waiting on Detroit so postponement on Tuesday night means we're waiting until Thursday night at the earliest to post games 5-6
    • Transaction order for Week 3 is dependent on standings after Week 1, so that will be reset on Thursday night or Friday.



  • Reminder as you set your lineups from one week to the next about the effect of moving starting pitchers around (to avoid playing around with the rotation spots and previously-known performances).
    • If you move a pitcher from a spot starter, taxi squad, or minor league slot into the starting 1-5 rotation, all previous starts are ignored - even if queued in the spot role - and no starts will count until the deadline date of the transaction week.
    • Exception - pitchers signed or acquired via trade one week earlier can be assumed to have been obtained for purposes of immediate use and any eligible starts will be used if they are placed in the rotation.
    • In a 2014 rule change to relax this a bit (and allow for dealing with injuries more quickly) - if you move a pitcher from the minors or taxi squad to a spot starter role, any eligible starts may be used and won't be thrown out if before the deadline.
    • See the rule change and the full rule.
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  • Opening Day! Week 1 Begins - Game 1 posted.  See Results


  • BWB 2014 Schedule Posted.  How to find this on a regular basis?
    • When games are scored - the home page notice will link to the schedule
    • On your league's home page, find the link "This Week's Games"
    • On any page, down in the footer, find the link "Results"


  • Week 1 Transactions Posted
    • This is the first big influx of new players to the player list
    • To find new players, on the free agent list, choose the proper week number that players are first eligible for signing - with this group, you'll find them via "Week 2"
  • When's the first game?
    • We use batting stats 5 games ahead of our BWB game # in order to queue up enough pitching stats, so a team's MLB game #6 is used for BWB game #1.
    • Weather permitting, Detroit will be the last team to get to Game 6 - on Tuesday (thanks to a rainout already) - and that makes Wednesday the earliest we can post a game.
    • Usually it's more time-effective to score 2-3 games at a time, but often doing a single game first helps me clear the cobwebs on how to do this again for the first time since Sept/Oct...so look for a game on Wednesday night.


  • We still have plenty of orphan teams available. Contact us to get set up with one.
  • It's Week Zero Transactions: Deadline has been changed to 7 PM Eastern on Monday.  Check out the schedule/deadline page for some planning about what you need to do for Week Zero and Week One.
    • Lineups are due Week 1 (April 6), but there's a one-week lag between picking up a player and using him.  So if you need to fill spots for Opening Day, you need to pick them up by March 31.
    • Also - don't forget that for returning leagues, your cash balance must be at 5000 or lower at Week Zero.


  • Silver Screen League Draft. See the Silver Screen Draft Index for updates.  Phase Two Draft, Part Two complete.  Rosters and finances updated.
    • Silver Screen Draft is complete
    • It's a quick turnaround, but Silver Screen is now eligible for Week Zero transactions, including cuts, trades, and free agent signings.  Deadline is Monday at 5 PM EDT.



  • Welcome to Benchwarmer Baseball - It's a different form of fantasy baseball as we play individual head-to-head games simulated from daily MLB stats - this isn't a Rotisserie game.
    • This is fantasy baseball 365 days a year.  Teams are now completing their rosters for the 2014 season.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Baseball Tour for an introduction.
    • We're not drafting any more new leagues in 2014.  But, if you'd like to attempt to turn around a struggling team, these orphan teams are available...pick up an existing team and rebuild it, rather than start from scratch.
      • Orphan teams are just $35 - about 1/2 the normal price.
      • If you're interested, your first step is to sign up here.  Then check out the orphan list again and send us your choice.
  • There are still a couple of invite-only orphans in private pay leagues - Beer League and Moneyball - that are available.  There's an extra entry fee by the league owner and they pay out prizes (BWB standard leagues do not pay out except in free teams and discounts for next year).


  • Do you have multiple teams?  Are you looking for a way to figure out if your teams have been hit by the injury trend - and what rosters might hold Medlen, Beachy, Corbin, Iglesias, Chapman, et. al.?  Don't forget that there is a page that shows all players on all your teams - and from that you can see which teams have a particular player.
  • New leagues for 2014 ignore this - but everyone else - don't forget that you need to have your team's cash balance at or below 5000 after Week Zero transactions (March 31 deadline).  See the rule.
    • One way to get your cash to 5000 or lower - sign players, trade for more expensive players, or give up cash in trades.
    • Another way is to sign players to multiyear contracts (be careful with this so early in the season...don't overdo it).


  • Thinking ahead: Sunday at Noon is the deadline for Week minus One transactions.  Check out the schedule/deadline page for some planning about what you need to do for Week Zero and Week One.
    • Lineups are due Week 1, but there's a one-week lag between picking up a player and using him.  So if you need to fill spots for Opening Day, you need to pick them up by March 31.
    • Also - don't forget that for returning leagues, your cash balance must be at 5000 or lower at Week Zero.


  • North Siders League Phase Two Draft, Part Three posted - see North Siders Draft Index - That's it for the draft - you're done.  We start off with weekly transactions with deadline next Sunday.


  • Steel City League Phase Two Draft, Part Four posted - see Steel City Draft Index - That ends the draft process...and you're off to trades and free agency beginning with this week's transaction deadline of Sunday, March 9.



  • Contract extensions will begin this week...but are not yet activated (plenty of time)


  • Anchorman League Phase Two Draft, Part Three, results posted - see Anchorman Draft Index Draft is complete!  League now enters weekly transaction cycle (starting this week - deadline Sunday).


  • Redistribution Results Index Draft complete - Rosters updated with new players
  • Free agency and trades are open.  This week's deadline is Sunday, Feb 23 at Noon EST.  Transaction order for this week is the same as for the Redistribution Draft.
  • Special posting of Week -7 Transactions - This is a pre-Redistribution Draft cut of retired players from the rosters.  Players that officially retire before the start of the season are removed with a 100% salary rebate (unless previously signed to a multiyear contract, then there is no rebate).


  • The Redistribution Draft is extended to allow me time to finish off the orphan teams.  You have a couple more days to make your selections (see the link on your team roster).  Deadline is Tuesday 2/11/14 Noon EST.


  • Results of carryover choices posted.  View the Transactions page to see the cuts in your league.
  • The 2014 Redistribution Draft is now open.  You have 2 weeks to make your selections (see the link on your team roster).  Deadline is Sunday 2/9/14 Noon EST.


  • There are a few open spots in some private "prize" leagues - they require an extra entry fee but the leagues pay out prizes.  Check out the list of orphans and under the invitation leagues you can check out the teams for Beer League, Murderers' Row, and Moneyball League.  If interested, you can email me and I'll get you in touch with the league owners.



  • Week 30 Transactions Posted (2nd Fall Trading Period) - We're all clear now for the next deadline - finalizing your choices of 28 or fewer players to carry over into 2014.  Deadline is Saturday January 18 at Noon Eastern.
  • Wait...checking this - may be a mistake on my part...OK - balances are correct - for some reason the "Cash in Trades" column isn't showing correctly... Team Finances updated including orphan cash for teams assigned so far.  This is all the cash you get until Opening Day, so it has to cover you for salaries for players carried over, the Redistribution Draft, and any free agents you sign in February and March.


  • New Players! - 110 new players added to the BWB Player List.  This is the ONLY addition before Opening Day.  From here on out, players must register MLB stats to be added...so don't look for Tanaka (if he actually comes) until April.
  • Anchorman League is full!! - One tiny deadline change...with the later posting of new players and draft rule changes, we'll push back to the weekend - your draft lists are due Saturday, January 4, 2014 at Noon EST.


  • The order of resolving contested draft picks has changed in the League Startup Drafts - here's a listing of the 2014 Rule Changes
    • As before - any player uniquely drafted by a team automatically goes to that team.  However, those salaries and roster spots do not count in the tiebreaker criteria for resolving contested picks.
    • NEW - All contested picks of players making salary 100 will be resolved first.  This will even out the playing field for awarding rookies and prospects.  (We'll use the existing process of total cap space left and roster slots filled for tiebreakers).
    • As with unique choices, the awards of players making 100 to the actual roster will be postponed until the end of the draft.
    • So rosters/salaries reset again - and then we'll award contested picks of players making > 100 in salary.

See the News Archive for older headlines.


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