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Benchwarmer News


  • So, what's new?  What's going on?
    • I'm currently working on finalizing player salaries - the base salaries are done and I'm calculating the premium bonuses.  The salary cap has been determined - this should all post this weekend.
    • Also - hopefully by this weekend, we'll have position updates.
    • After those are all up, we'll open things up for you to start cutting back your rosters to 28 players and start up 2 early winter trading periods.


  • Benchwarmer Bash Final Results: Stargell's Spectacular Slammin Spectacle (Steel City League) defeated Three Blind Mouse-ketiers (Three of a Kind League) 4 games to 2.
    • Congratulations to team owner Jason Kiernan, who actually is the owner of both teams in the final.
    • This is Jason's 2nd win in the BWB ultimate tournament.  He won with his team from Marxball in 2018.


  • We're down to our 2 final teams in the Benchwarmer Bash, but no matter which team wins, Jason Kiernan is the champion as he owns both teams.
  • Series completed
  • Bash Bracket



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  • Benchwarmer Bash 2020 - Federation finals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • And we're down to 8 teams remaining in the Benchwarmer Bash.  Quarterfinal games are next.


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2020 - Federation semifinals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Look for the "Federation Results" links on the Bash main page to see the matchups and the game scores.


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2020 - Association finals complete
  • We've reduced the field from 128 teams to 32 - these series winners now move on to the Federation round where we'll cut the teams down to 8.



  • Cash for final division placement was distributed - check the team finances.  Playoff awards come after the 2021 salary cap distribution.
  • Moving on to 2021 - prep work is beginning:
    • Roster pages have been changed to the off season version in prep to start cutting players.  The dates on the page and the roster limits aren't yet updated/reverted back to normal numbers - that will come later this week.
    • Lineup slots and lineup positions are cleared out
    • 2020 contracts expired
    • All the players who sat out for Covid reasons are back on their BWB teams.  Any contracts they had were extended 1 year.
    • I will start work on 2021 salaries and positions later this week
    • Post-season trading will open soon - but perhaps not until the preliminary salaries are posted.  Roster pages are currently still locked - you won't be able to start on making changes just yet.


  • Benchwarmer Bash
    • All the league champions plus a bunch of wild card teams now move on to the annual BWB tournament of champions.
    • The brackets and schedules for the association semifinals are now posted.
    • Teams involved have one final lineup change available - the lineups you set will run all the way through the Bash finals.  The deadline is Sunday night at midnight Eastern.
    • Games will probably begin on Monday night.
  • Meanwhile - starting soon - preparations for 2021 - stay tuned.


  • 2020 Playoffs - Championship Week is Complete!
  • Pages for the Benchwarmer Bash are up
    • The Association level has been expanded from 2 teams to 4 teams - that will be 2 league champions plus 2 wild cards.
    • For this season, teams in the Big Red Machine League, the only league so far in the Koufax Federation, will compete in the Cobb Federation - the Eddie Collins Association
    • As the league championships finish up, the field posted will be updated with the new league champs and the updated wild card status.
  • Teams that are playing in the Benchwarmer Bash have one last chance to change lineups - at that point the lineups will lock for the full scope of the Benchwarmer Bash.  The deadline to change lineups is Sunday night, November 1 at midnight Eastern.


  • 2020 Playoffs - Championship Week - Game 3 posted
  • Someone discovered an error in using the minors and the taxi squad to fill in lineup holes.  Something in converting the process from regular season to playoffs didn't work and it was possible to place the same guy to fill in more than once.  I apologize for this - it likely extended into the previous rounds, but at this point I can't go back and fix all of that.  Finding it now, I was able to re-score about 6 games from Game 1 & 2 in the current week.  The results were the same except Game 1 in the Bottom Feeder Finals of Batman League went the other way.  The owners of the affected teams have been notified by email, so if you haven't received a message, there was no change to your games.
  • I've found the program error and we can move on with the remainder of the series - Game 4 will be up Friday morning.


  • 2020 Playoffs - Championship Week
    • Game 2 posted
    • There's going to be a delay in Game 3.  We've discovered a lineup error and might need to redo a handful of games from Games 1 & 2.  Game 3 won't be up until Thursday.


  • 2020 Playoffs - Week 3 - League semifinals, Gore Cup, and Bottom Feeder Open
    • Games 5-7 posted
  • Reminder - tonight is the deadline to change your lineups for the finals week in the playoffs


  • 2020 Playoffs - Week 3 - League semifinals, Gore Cup, and Bottom Feeder Open - Games 2-4 posted
  • For the Big Red Machine League - your playoff pages were showing the wrong league for this week's games - that's now fixed.
  • Some quick stats on the league semifinals:
    • Overall, only 60% of the division winners in the 65 leagues advanced from the first two rounds into the semifinals these were the teams seeded 1-4 in the tournament.
      • Only 47 of the 65 #1 seeds (72%) are still alive
      • 44 #2 seeds
      • 36 #3 seeds
      • 29 #4 seeds
    • The lowest seed advancing to the semis was a #14 seed: California from Fenway Fenatics (Craig Burke).  The team finished the regular season 22-32 and defeated Cincinnati (#3 seed, 31-23) and Centauri (#5 seed, 29-25) to get this far.  They are up against Skeleton (38-16), the league's top seed, in the semifinals.
    • Other low seeds getting this far include 3 #13s, 5 #12s, 8 #11s, 8 #10s, and 10 #9s.  These teams all pulled an upset in the first round and repeated the upset in the quarterfinals.
    • Only 7 leagues had all 4 division winners advance to the semifinals
    • No league had all of its division winners fail to make the semifinals, but 9 of the 65 leagues have only 1 division winner in the final four.


  • 2020 Playoffs - Week 3 - League semifinals, Gore Cup, and Bottom Feeder Open - Game 1 posted
    • The random game selection and the starting pitching games used was reset for the next 2 weeks.  It's possible that your league will use one of the same random games used in the first 2 rounds or that one of your starting pitchers will use the same game as before - but there are no repeats over this week and the week of the league finals.
    • All teams are "back in it" as the Gore Cup and the Bottom Feeder Open fields are set
    • We're utilizing the structure of the conference championships for the league semifinals.  In most cases this won't line up with the real conferences that teams play in.  I contemplated trying to play with the setup to get them as close as possible, but it was just more efficient to fill them without worrying about the conferences.
    • This season, without real conference play, the final team standing in a conference will be designated the conference winner.  Should all remaining teams be eliminated in the same week, initial playoff seeding will be the tiebreaker.
  • Teams that advance to the finals can change their lineups again for the next round.  Lineups are open again and the deadline to make changes is very short: Monday night at midnight Pacific (shown on the web as Tuesday, 10/27 at 3 AM Eastern)


  • 2020 Playoffs - Quarterfinals complete - Games 6 & 7 posted
  • Reminder that lineup changes for the next round of playoffs are due tonight at midnight Eastern
  • You'll start to see seeding/matchups on your league's playoff pages for the conference championships and the Gore Cup.  This preliminary listing may have some errors as I'm doing it quickly by hand.  I will be running some verification checks to look for mistakes and correct them before the schedule is set for the next steps.  The official schedule should be up on Thursday.
  • The teams that lost in the first round will now come back for the Bottom Feeder Open.  You have something on the line - the winner of that tournament will have the top spot in the draft/transaction order for the off-season.


  • 2020 Playoffs - Quarterfinals - Games 2-5 posted


  • Lineup changes are open again for anyone who wants to change their lineups for the next week of the playoffs (the league semifinals plus the start of the Gore Cup and the Bottom Feeder Open).  Deadline is Wednesday night, October 21 at midnight Eastern.
  • 2020 Playoffs
    • Schedules for the league quarterfinals will go up later today - I hope to have some results up Monday night
    • In the meantime, some notes from the first round:
      • In 520 7-game series across BWB, the low seed won 134 times (25.8%)
      • Of 260 division winners, 25 were upset and did not advance to the quarterfinals (9.6%).  Most of these were 3-4 seeds, but there was one top seed and and five #2 seeds that didn't move on.
      • 3 of the 4 division winners in Fenway Fenatics were defeated.  The Beer League lost 2 division champs.


  • 2020 Playoffs - Round One Complete: Games 5-7 posted
    • Remember, in Round One, the division winners started with 1-game lead before any games were played.
  • For teams advancing to the quarterfinal round, your deadline to change lineups is TONIGHT at midnight Eastern
  • My goal is to be able to start posting quarterfinal results by Monday night.
  • If you lost, you'll now go into the Bottom Feeder Open - those games won't start until we move to the league semifinals.


  • OK, we're going to try this again.  When I set up the playoff scoring program to use expanded rosters, I missed a change that I needed to make when copying the process from the regular season scoring (using random games throws in some twists).  As a result, a significant number of spots that had benchwarmers should have been filled by players from the taxi squad and minors.
    • So - we will re-score Game 1 to get it right
    • The new Game 1 results will be on the site on Saturday - probably late morning.
    • Thanks to Jason Kiernan for noticing the problem.  If you see something you think is wrong, I always want to know.  In most cases it allows me to recheck and confirm that everything works as intended, but it also helps me find issues that need to be fixed.


  • 2020 Playoffs - there will not be a game 2 tonight...
    • Someone noticed that one of his taxi squad players should have filled in the lineup instead of getting a benchwarmer in the first game - I did some spot checking and this happened at least a few times.  I need to go back in and fix that - and I may have to re-run Game 1 on Saturday
  • This doesn't happen often (or ever), but I'm actually moving the next lineup deadline earlier.  I'll have at least 2 playoff games posted by late Friday and we'll be done with the first series by Sunday.  Any lineup changes you have for the 2nd round are now due Sunday night, October 18, at midnight Eastern.
  • 2020 Playoffs - Brackets posted for the 1st round of all 16 teams playing for the league championship.
    • Sorry for the extra time - setting up two new rounds of playoffs takes a bit of time to set up pages to display those results and set it up for all the leagues.
    • You can see the link to the playoffs on your league's home page - however the fastest way to get there - particularly if you have multiple teams, is from one of these pages:
    • I am still working on some set up tasks to adapt the playoff scoring to allow for expanded rosters.  I am hoping to begin posting results by Saturday.  Look for the first 2 games to be posted late Friday night.
    • If you notice any problems or mistakes - like links that don't work or pages that load the wrong league - please let me know.


  • Week Ten Transaction Results Posted
    • There are no more transactions this season.  There may be certain pages that allow you to try to sign/cut players/move players to IR, but we're currently setting for Week 11 and normally you can sign players on Week 11.  If you get through to any transaction submissions, they will be ignored this week.
    • You can change your lineups again for the 2nd week of the playoffs.  The deadline is Monday, October 19 Sunday night, October 18 at midnight Eastern
    • See the season list of deadlines


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