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Benchwarmer News


  • Week Sixteen Transactions Posted - Week Seventeen deadline is Tuesday morning, July 24 at 8 AM Eastern
  • This is the final week for contract extensions which is the reason you get a little extra time for the transactions this week.


  • Week 15 continues - Games 87-88 posted - See results
    • Next score update is expected Sunday
    • Who are we waiting on?  These teams have played the fewest MLB games (through 7/15):
      • 93 games: ChC
      • 94 games: Atl, Min, NYM, StL
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game # to determine which BWB game can be scored
    • Around BWB


  • You all just played three weeks of games within your division.  Weeks 15-22 will all be games outside the division and we close the season in Weeks 23-25 with another round of intradivision play.



  • Correcting my note from 7/11 about 1st round draft picks that will be removed from the player list - I must have clicked the wrong box when updating the 1st round draft picks.  Grayson Rodriguez did sign with Baltimore - but the player I meant to deactivate was Carter Stewart, drafted by Atlanta
  • Reminder - you can reorder your starting pitching rotation this week without a penalty for games between starts between Week 15 games and Week 16 games.

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  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks).  So for Weeks 16-20, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on MONDAY.
  • Reminder - there are no longer any rebates for 2018 salaries when you cut players - Week 15 was the last chance
  • These three 2018 first round draft picks did not sign a contract by the deadline.  They will be removed from the player list either at the end of the 2018 season or when all teams that picked them drop them off their rosters.  There's no benefit to keeping them - and they cannot be signed by other teams or traded - you might as well cut them if you have them:
    • J.T. Ginn - LAD
    • Matt McLain - Ari
    • Grayson Rodriguez - Bal Carter Stewart Atl


  • Week 15 transactions - deadline Tuesday 7/10 - last chance to cut a player this season and get a prorated salary rebate; all cuts after that week are done with no cash back to you


  • With Game 75 posting, we've reached the halfway point of the regular season


  • As mentioned - the transaction error-checking does not yet work for the new transactions - and "moving to prospects" will not be recognized as valid.  You will see a message: "There is some unspecified error (refreshing screen may help)" - that one you can ignore.
  • And it's possible this may change in the future - but after this week when the first players will land on the prospect roster...when you trade prospects, they will be placed on the receiving team's 40-man roster - and if desired to put on the prospect roster will need to be a separate transaction the following week.  The receiving team will need to make sure there is room on the 40-man to allow that trade to work.


  • IN CASE YOU MISSED IT - First round draft picks of 2018 are now in the player list.  You can sign them this week.
    • There is a slight risk in signing draft picks - if the player does not sign by the MLB deadline (July 6 for players other than college seniors - those who have used up their college eligibilty have until 1 week before the 2019 draft to sign), the player is immediately removed from your roster and from the BWB player list.
    • How to find the picks?  On the player selection screen, use the "Other" filter and you'll find an option for "First Round (2018)"


  • NOW ACTIVE - Prospects Roster
    • See the rules regarding prospects
    • These are 5 roster slots that you can use to stash players who have not yet played in MLB - as you look at your roster and free agent pages, these are the players whose name is not a link to a stats page
      • They don't count against your 40-man limit
      • In December, they don't count against the maximum 28 players you carry over into next season - they are protected
    • A move to the prospects roster is permanent for the season and you must make any moves on or before Week 21
    • You can sign new players directly to the prospect roster
    • There is a non-refundable "player development" charge of 250 for each player you designate as a prospect - all teams received an extra 1000 in cash a couple weeks ago to help you with the costs
    • To move current players to the prospect roster, go to your current team transactions page and look for the link
    • To sign free agents to the prospect roster, sign free agents as you normally do - then as you set the round and transaction, look for the special signing designation to make your choice
  • Also now available - you can sign players directly to Injured Reserve - again, pick the free agent as you'd normally do and then on the transaction index look for the special signing designation to indicate that.
  • Transaction warnings do not yet take these new features into consideration - those will gradually get fixed over the next few weeks, but until then you'll need to figure them out manually.
  • I've tried to test everything possible, but if you find something that doesn't work right - whether with these new types of transactions or with things that have been around before this, please let me know.


  • Week Twelve Transactions Posted - Week Thirteen deadline is extended until Wednesday afternoon, June 27 at 5 PM EDT
  • Very close to getting the prospect roster spot operational - it will be ready by this weekend.


  • When will you see the first round draft picks hit the BWB player list?
    • First round picks will debut in BWB after the Week 12 transactions post
    • So the first week to sign them will be Week 13 - with a Tuesday, June 26 deadline.  That gives you a couple weeks from now to figure out who you like.


  • There is a rule change that's supposed to take place with the Week 11 transactions - the addition of the "Prospect" roster designation
    • I'm running behind in getting this operational - it's not yet in place
    • It is possible that later this weekend that I can get it running - look for more updates in a few days
    • Meanwhile, as posted in the rules, the 1000 in cash distribution that was to come in Week 10 to cover costs for the prospect slots has been granted to all teams.
  • Also estimated to take place for Week 11 transactions was the ability to sign players directly to IR.  That also will be delayed


  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks).  So for Weeks 11-15, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on TUESDAYS.


  • With Game #50 we hit the 1/3 mark of the regular season


  • Week 5 complete - 1/5 of the regular season is done


  • Every 5 weeks we shift the deadlines to better match the MLB schedule (we play 6-game weeks, while MLB teams often have 7-game weeks).  So for Weeks 6-10, our deadlines for lineups and transactions are now on WEDNESDAYS.


  • Week 3 complete - That's it for the first cycle of games within your division.  The next 8 weeks have you playing teams in the other divisions.


  • A quick explanation - during Week 3 transactions I made a mistake on cash for Week 1 games and standings position - actually using the Week 1 information from 2017.  There was a special financial update listed on 4/25 to fix that:
    • Unfortunately, division position in a given week is calculated from the transaction order - and the transaction order for Week 3 had already been overwritten by Week 4, so for Week 1, I calculated that everyone was in 4th place for cash purposes (with cash award of 150).
    • The cash awards for place and record you actually received during Week 3 transactions was subtracted from the cash you should have received.
    • Those two values were added up and put into the "Miscellaneous" column on the 4/25 update - and any negative amounts were changed to zero.  So nobody had money taken away from what they expected they would have coming into Week 4.  It's possible that some teams got more cash than they should have, but that's better than having teams not get as much cash as deserved.
    • I won't go back to Week 3 transactions and look for any teams that didn't get players because they didn't have enough cash.


  • After 10 games, we have one undefeated team (Ballybricken in Beatleball by Sherman Wan) and 7 teams without a win including one of mine.  See standings for all leagues
  • Around BWB is a comparative look at teams and owners in different leagues - some good, some...not so good.  See how you stack up


  • And we're off!  Opening Day!  Week 1 Begins - Game 1 posted - See results
    • The next score update - for Games 2 & 3 - is expected on Tuesday night (weather permitting that games in Kansas City and Minneapolis occur tonight).
  • This was late in posting, but there were some significant modifications to the Benchwarmer Baseball rules for 2018.  These include:
    • Rules for 2-way players
    • An addition of a new optional roster designation that will come in mid-season - the "Prospects" roster - up to 5 minor-league players who are safe from carryover decisions in December - that won't count against the 28 maximum players you can keep.
    •  A reboot of the minor league competition for players on your minor league roster
    • Some provisions to deal with potential collusion and tanking.


  • Corrected season schedule and deadlines - not sure what calendar I was looking at (or not looking at), but all the dates beginning with Week 6 were wrong.


  • Week Zero Transactions Posted
    • Any teams with cash balances above 5000 were cut down to that level (exceptions: new leagues, new owners taking over orphan teams, and orphans adopted on or after Week -2).
    • Teams were then provided with an extra 2000 in Opening Day cash
    • Players may start getting added to the player list from here on out - as they appear in their first MLB game
      • Players are only added at the time of the posting of transaction results - so you don't have to be searching daily for new additions.
      • You'll find the new players in the player/free agent list - find the drop down box for "New in 2018" - players are listed by the first transaction week in which they can be signed.
      • Due to some snafu with our stats provider, I only have complete leaguewide box scores from March 29, so players who debuted after that - like Scott Kingery - will show up for Week 2.

See the News Archive for older headlines.