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  • We've got a lot of orphan teams (and some more on the way) - and if you've got some extra time and can help out, I'm looking for foster owners.  You don't have to run this team all year, but if you can most importantly help me out with picking their roster cut downs this week and maybe start off the Redistribution Draft, that would be a great help. Please contact me if you're interested and let me know how many teams you might like to take on. I'll set you up in leagues where you don't currently have a team.



  • Week 30 Transaction Results Posted (Winter Trade Period #2) - The deadline for roster cutdowns is extended out to Wednesday, January 26 at Midnight Eastern
  • Some of you have asked about your payment confirmation - I have to go in and do that manually and it's just one of those things I'm behind on this winter - I will check it soon and mark you paid for your team and answer your emails if there are any remaining questions.


  • Player of the Year rankings final. Cash distributed to teams of players finishing in the top 3 of each league. (This should have been set to award to the teams that had the players at the end of the season before any trades. If you see any mistakes let me know).


  • Deadline modifications to give you some more time:
    • Winter trade period #2 moves back from Tuesday 1/11 to Monday night, January 17th at midnight EST.
    • Roster cutdown to 28 players moves back from Monday 1/17 to Sunday night, January 23rd at midnight EST.
    • Planning ahead - Redistribution Draft first submission will be due Sunday night, Feb. 13 (instead of 2/6)

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  • Reminder - Let us know if you're keeping each of your teams in 2022.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is December 31 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.


  • First winter trade deadline is Tuesday night at midnight EST. Do you have any pending trades? Check all my transactions - now modified to show where you're waiting on a team to make a decision on where another team is waiting for you.
  • Fixed a long-time problem - when a trade is rejected, the return message from the target team is now saved and you can view that return message on the site. This will only be for trades rejected after around 5 PM EST on Monday.




  • I think we've reached a point where the generation of email from this website and essentially faking the sender's address is being flagged as spam by too many of the large email providers.
    • I get all the rejected emails back into my mailbox and there may have been close to 100 so far coming back since trades opened a few days ago. From experience, I know that if I get too many rejections coming back, my web provider will shut down my own email's outgoing mail.
    • The more items flagged as spam will also mark this as a troublesome site that may get it blocked by more domains.
    • For those reasons, I've shut down all the email generated from trades - the initial offer as well as the acceptance/rejection decision.
    • I'm sorry for any inconvenience and I'll look for other ways in the future for notification.
    • For now, you'll need to check your list of transactions for all your teams to see if you have any pending decisions or accepted trades. On suggestion from one of you, I will eventually try to divide out those pending trades to signify if we're waiting for you to accept/reject or if you're waiting on the other team to review your offer.


  • New leagues are open for 2022 - Draft dates are estimates. Once a league fills up, we'll set a definite date out a week or two from the fill date - so it's possible the final dates for leagues with list drafts could be earlier than currently listed. For live drafts, we'll narrow in on a definite date/time as appropriate when the league is close to filling.
  • Do you want to try to resuscitate a troubled franchise rather than begin one from scratch?  There are a number of orphan teams that you can adopt and attempt to rebuild. This list will grow as we process the responses from owners keeping/dropping their teams. At the moment I've only listed the leftover orphans from 2021 and Michael Horvitz's teams. Perhaps I'll get more up on Wednesday night.
  • Did you win a league championship or win one of the other postseason tournaments (or was a conference champ)?  Then you earned a free bonus team that you can use in 2022 for either a brand new league or as an orphan.  You can check to see if you have any bonus teams in your list. (Bonus teams weren't added to any Cooperstown Club members - you can grab an extra team for no additional charge at any time).


  • Some people have asked so just to be clear, the cash distributed to teams for playoff results and players of the year has not yet been distributed - that comes after the salary cap cash distribution. That should be doled out in the next few days. And then that's all the cash you get until we send out 2000 just before Opening Day.
  • There are a bunch of rule changes/clarifications coming out soon and some other possible rule change discussions - stay tuned to the site home page for notifications of that. Included in that will be some possible changes to the roster sizes, but for your roster cut down decisions, you're still limited to keeping 28 players (plus up to 5 "prospects").


  • I apologize for being slow this off season. This is year 23 coming up for BWB and I just needed a little more time away this year before diving back into the new season. This will squeeze a few timelines along the way more than I would like, but you'll have plenty of time to get ready for the 2022 season. (However, the winter trade periods will be about 2 weeks this year, not 3).
  • Lots of changes and updates:
    • Salary cap cash has been distributed.  The 2022 salary cap is 37833 (was 40651 in 2021).
    • 2022 salaries are posted and are final
    • 2022 player positions are updated but not final
      • Any player showing an "x" in their position didn't have any MLB stats in 2021, so I need to go back in and check what they did in the minors in 2021 (or maybe they didn't play at all and might be removed from the list) - their positions may change.
      • That usually takes a lot of time and will be finished sometime late December/early January
    • Player retention decisions for 2022 can now be made from your team roster pages.  Deadline to complete this is expected to be Monday, January 17 - if you have a lot of teams, don't wait!!
    • First step before you can do any trading or pick your carryover players - indicate if you're keeping each of your teams in 2022.  You must answer "yes" before you may submit any trades or before anyone can contact you for trades.  Deadline is December 31 or we assume the unanswered teams become Orphans.
  • New leagues for 2022 will be opened soon.
  • As people indicate they're dropping teams, orphans will become available.
  • Trades are now open for a roughly 2-week trading period, ending on Tuesday, Dec. 28.  Following that will be another 2-week trade period open through January 11.
  • Payment records are updated for the new season - but hold off a couple days before starting to pay or purchasing Season Tickets or Cooperstown Club memberships until you see a note on the home page that we're ready.
  • Upcoming schedule/deadlines (some changes are possible):
    • Friday, December 31: Deadline to indicate you're keeping your teams for 2022
    • Now through Tuesday, Dec. 28: Winter Trading Period 1
    • Wednesday, Dec. 29 though Tuesday, Jan 11: Fall Trading Period 2
    • Monday, Jan 17: Roster retention choices due
    • Sunday, Feb 6: Redistribution Draft choices due
    • I have some travel scheduled in January and February, and I'm trying to avoid deadlines coming while I'm please bear with the odd deadline days this off-season.


  • Benchwarmer Bash Final Results: Kingston Baseball Club (Marxball) defeated Aurora Borealis (Blame Canada League) 4 games to 1.
    • Congratulations to team owner Ricardo Alexander.
    • This is Ricardo's first win in the BWB ultimate tournament.  He started playing Benchwarmer in 2012.
    • Ricardo won 6 league championships in 2021 and had 10 teams in the field of 128 that started out the Bash last week.
    • Also congratulations to runner-up Sherman Wan - this was Sherman's fourth time to finish 2nd.


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - The final series is complete - Games 1-5 posted. Kingston beat Aurora 4 games to 1.
  • We're down to our final two teams. Aurora and Kingston were victorious in the semifinals:
    • Kingston (101-49, Marxball, Power Rank 9) - Ricardo Alexander vs. Aurora (111-39, Blame Canada, Power Rank 1) - Sherman Wan
    • Neither owner has won a Bash title before
    • No winner has come out of Blame Canada League before. We had a winner from Marxball in 2018.
    • Aurora beat another team by Ricardo in the semifinals. Kingston beat another team by Sherman in the quarterfinals.


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - Semifinals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Semifinal matchups:
    • NYC2ATL (92-58, Phightin' Phils, Power Rank 37) - Ricardo Alexander vs. Aurora (111-39, Blame Canada, Power Rank 1) - Sherman Wan
    • Biff, Bam, (90-60, Batman, Power Rank 36) - Jason Kiernan vs. Kingston (101-49, Marxball, Power Rank 9) - Ricardo Alexander


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - We move on to the Bash round with the final 8 teams. Quarterfinals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Previewing the Bash:
    • There are 8 teams remaining - 3 league champions and 5 wild card teams
    • None of the franchises have won the Bash previously - although two owners have won before with other teams: Jason Kiernan, last year and 2018, and Jay Snyder won in 2015.
    • No teams repeated this year as Federation champions.
    • Federation titles by seed:
      • 1st: 2
      • 2nd: 2
      • 3rd: 2
      • 4th: 2
    • Owners with multiple teams in final 8:
      • 2 teams: Ricardo Alexander, Jason Kiernan, Sherman Wan
      • Jason's two teams face each other in the first round
    • The number one team in BWB's power ranking, Aurora Borealis, tops the field, continuing a 6-year streak for the #1 team to reach this round. But only 2 of the top 10 are here, which is the smallest number since 2015, when only one of the top 10 (#7) advanced from the Federations.



  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - Federation semifinals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Previewing the Federation round:
    • There are 32 teams in the Federation field - 19 league champions and 13 wild card teams
    • Two franchises have previously finished as the runner up in the Bash: Three Blind (Jason Kiernan) last year and Wisconsin (Greg Flees) in 2012
    • 4 of the teams have previously won a Federation title, with 2 of 2020's 8 Federation winners still in the hunt for a repeat.
    • One of the 16 semifinal series has an owner with teams on both sides of the matchup - Jason Kiernan in the Aaron Federation.
    • Owners with multiple teams in the Federation round of the Benchwarmer Bash:
      • 14 teams: Jason Kiernan
      • 4 teams: Ricardo Alexander
      • 3 teams: Jay Snyder
      • 2 teams: Greg Flees, Sherman Wan
      • 7 other owners have a single team


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Association Round Recap
    • Association titles by seed:
      • 1st: 9
      • 2nd: 8
      • 3rd: 10
      • 4th: 5
    • 19 titles were won by league champions, 13 by wild cards
    • For our league championship rematches mentioned below on 11/9, Kingston was able to repeat with another win, while the other two went the opposite way.
    • 15 teams came in with a chance to repeat - only 3 did repeat:
      • Roberto Clemente Association: Volkswagon (Beatleball) - Jason Kiernan
      • Roy Campanella Assocation: Big Train Rides (Whiff) - Jason Kiernan
      • Dizzy Dean Association: Three Blind (Three of a Kind) - Jason Kiernan


  • Benchwarmer Bash 2021 - Association finals complete - Games 1-7 posted
  • Bash Revenge? Below on 11/7 we noted that there were 5 league championship rematches in the Association semifinals.
    • 4 of them went the opposite way this time - only Wimpy's under Dave Matter was able to repeat with a series win in back to back weeks. Sherman Wan got his revenge with three reversals going his way.
    • Of the 14 conference rematches, 6 of the 14 saw a different winner this time.
  • As we move to the Association finals, there are 5 teams from the same league vying for the win. No conference rematches this time but there are 3 repeats of league championship series:
    • British Invasion: Kingston (Ricardo Alexander) vs Dave Clark Five (Jason Kiernan). Kingston won the league title 4 games to 1.
    • Birdland: Annapolis (Dave Matter) vs Palmer et al (Jason Kiernan). Annapolis won 4-1.
    • Blame Canada: Fairplays (Jason Kiernan) vs Aurora (Sherman Wan). Fairplays won 4-0.
  • In the Association finals we have 4 of the 32 series with an owner playing against himself. Jason Kiernan 3 times and Ricardo Alexander in the other.



  • Benchwarmer Bash - Matchups are posted for the Association Semifinals - see the Benchwarmer Bash page and look for "Association Results" links within each Federation block. Games will begin on Monday.
  • Previewing the Bash:
    • There are 128 teams in the Association field - 67 league champions and 61 wild card teams
    • 1 franchise in the field has previously won a Bash title (Atlanta in Murderers' Row in 2011 when it was called Crumpton) and there are 4 previous runners up.
    • 14 of the teams have previously won a Federation title, with 4 of 2020's 8 Federation winners attempting a repeat this year.
    • 18 of the teams have previously won an Association title (a level of competition that just started in 2019), 15 of 2020's 32 Association winners are in the field again this year.
    • Of the 64 first-round Association matchups, 30 feature teams from the same league playing each other. Several are playoff rematches:
      • There are 14 rematches of conference championships
      • We have 5 league championship rematches:
        • Bronx Bombers: Standing Stone (Jay Snyder) vs DJ Alyx (Sherman Wan). Standing Stone won the league championship 4-2
        • Grunge: Sun (Sherman Wan) vs Knee Deep (Michael Lehman). Knee Deep won 4-2
        • Moneyball: Billy's (Michael Quinn) vs Random (Jason Kiernan). Random won 4-2
        • Original Six: Lamoureux (Sherman Wan) vs Salted (Roland Dupont). Salted won 4-3
        • South Siders: South Pole (Jason Kiernan) vs. Wimpy's (Dave Matter). Wimpy's won 4-1
    • 6 of the 64 first-round series have an owner with teams on both sides of the matchup - Jason Kiernan in 5 of those and Ricardo Alexander in the other.
    • Owners with multiple teams in the Association round of the Benchwarmer Bash:
      • 44 teams: Jason Kiernan
      • 14 teams: Sherman Wan
      • 10 teams: Ricardo Alexander
      • 8 teams: Dave Matter
      • 7 teams: Jay Snyder
      • 6 teams: Michael Quinn
      • 5 teams: Michael Rudolph
      • 4 teams: John Hula
      • 3 teams: Roland Dupont, David Henning, Michael Horvitz
      • 2 teams: Greg Flees, John Stroba, Tom Twomey
      • 15 other owners have a single team


  • Congratulations to BWB team owners who won multiple league championships in 2021: (see how this compares to 2019)
    • 18 titles: Jason Kiernan (out of 30 conference champions)
    • 6 titles: Ricardo Alexander (10), Sherman Wan (11)
    • 4 titles: John Hula (9), Dave Matter (10)
    • 3 titles: David Henning (5), Michael Quinn (6), Jay Snyder (3)
    • 2 titles: Roland Dupont (6), Greg Flees (2), Michael Rudolph (3), John Stroba (2)


  • Team Finances updated for the season awards for division placement
    • This also includes a correction to 9 teams that received the IR fee rebate twice on the last update
    • Playoff rewards will be credited after the 2022 salary cap numbers are calculated


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