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  • Week 21 Continues - Games 123-124 posted - See Results
    • Who are we waiting on?  These teams have played the fewest games (through 8/25):
      • 129 games: Bal, Cle, Det, NYY
      • 130 games: ChC, Col, CWS, KC, LAA, Mia, Min, Oak, SD, Sea, SF, StL, Tex, Was
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game # to determine how many BWB games can be scored
    • Next update expected Thursday night


  • Reminder: Roster expansion for "callups" occurs in Week 23-25 to allow your taxi squad and minor league players to contribute to game action.
  • Two Division Champions out of the August 24 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Beer League - Yeast Division: The Natty Lights (owner Jesse Roche - 2nd win in 2014) - 2-time defending league champion; 5th straight division win
    • Moneyball League - Ron Washington Division: Crestone Current (owner Kevin Connors) - Finished 2nd in 2013, 25 GB



  • Week 20 Statistics and Players of the Week
  • Another Division Champion before we even start the final 1/5 of the season:
    • Shadowball - Pittsburgh Crawfords Division: Jersey City Dirty Bombs (owner Tom Twomey) - 6th division title; Won the conference crown in 2013
  • Around BWB  This recap of the best and worst among the 41 leagues in operation this summer updated to show best/worst power index ratings for the season, plus most improved teams and teams that have dropped off the most this year.

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  • Our first Division Champion:
    • Murderers' Row - Big Ed Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche) - Defending League champ; won league and BW Bash in 2011


  • Transaction/Lineup deadline now shifts to WEDNESDAYS for the final 5 weeks


  • Rule changes?
    • I have a collection of items for consideration
      • Some things I'd like to fix
      • Some fixes I suggest based on comments in the past
      • Some direct suggestions from you in the past 2-3 months via email
      • Topics include: Trade deadline, Are "cash only" trades good or bad?, Dealing with lineup construction and bench usage or who should be considered for the starting lineup, Startup Draft, Redistribution Draft.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Blog for the items of discussion and enter your comments
    • No changes coming soon - probably not until October - but your input now and during the next few weeks of August and September will be valuable.


  • Thanks to new people in the game each year that dig into the rules and find problems/inconsistencies.  Here's another correction in the scoring formula - not a rule change or game-scoring change, but something left out of the batting score formula when converting from spreadsheets & computer code to the text of the rulebook.


  • At Game 100, we reached the 2/3 mark of the regular season.


  • Don't forget - final week to submit contract extensions - Information - Rules Page
    • Submission Form - Due Thursday, July 31 - 9 PM Eastern
    • Plenty of information on the links above, but remember:
      • You must have all the money on hand now
      • No rebates for future seasons
      • A player cannot be extended and traded in the same week - he's got to be on your roster already
      • This is a cost-saving move - paying a cheaper price for a player now than he will be next season.  You do NOT have to do this in order to keep the player for 2015.  You do NOT have to spend the money now or lose it.  You'll keep any leftover cash throughout the winter for paying 2015 salaries and signing free agents.


  • Teams already received their July cash disbursement of 1 million bucks - so the cash you have is what you have available for this week's final shot at contract extensions (plus any salary rebates from trades this week and cash you get based on Week 16 games).
  • ORPHAN CLEARANCE: We still have some orphan teams available. Contact us to get set up with one.  These are FREE for the remainder of 2014 AND you'll get the team in 2015 at the orphan rate ($35)



  • I've been alerted to a problem with receiving emails related to trades and broadcast messages from other users - particularly if your email address is Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and some others.
    • You can look up DMARC for the technical details, but this will mean that I need to redo how BWB generates emails between team owners.
    • In the meantime, if you think you are not receiving trade offers, don't forget that you can see all of your pending transactions across all teams - including pending trade decisions.  This works even if you have only one team.
  • Here's a new page: Around BWB.  This will show of recap of the best and worst among the 41 leagues in operation this summer.  Currently it shows the teams with the best and worst records in the system - but look for additional categories in the next month or two.


  • Some additional page changes to reduce clicks:
    • As with the signs/drops, there's no more intermediate page after making lineup changes - you'll go right back to the lineup change form in case you have more adjustments.
    • On the all my rosters and all my transactions pages, instead of just switching only to the team roster, you have choices to go directly to your lineup change form and transaction page.


  • Two things to be aware of in July for your rosters and transactions:
    • You have 2 more weeks to get salary rebates for cut players - Week 15 (deadline Friday 7/11) is the last chance to cut a player and get money back on his salary.
    • Contract extensions - Week 18 (July 31) is the final chance to do contract extensions this season.


  • Hopefully a beneficial change with some page modifications - there's no longer an intermediate processing page for adds/cuts - you'll go right back to your transaction index.  For those of you with multiple teams this should greatly decrease the number of clicks and page loads you need each week for your transactions!


  • First round draft picks - one point of warning.  If the players do not sign a contract, they are removed from the game (you don't get to keep them for the next draft).


  • First round draft picks are now included in the player list (use the selection filters on the player list/free agent pages to find them).


  • Let's do this...Weekly transactions/lineups due at the first MLB regularly scheduled game time of the day.


  • 2014 First Round Draft Picks
    • Will be added to the player list Friday night after processing Week 11 transactions
    • Available for signing during Week 12 - deadline Friday, June 20 at noon Eastern.



  • All teams received an extra million in cash during next week's transaction processing.  Next cash distribution is Week 13 (deadline June 27).



  • Planning ahead - some rule changes for 2015 (cash changes that couldn't be implemented with short notice in 2014)


  • We start 8 weeks of games outside your division
  • Reminder - every 5 weeks our transaction/lineup deadline date shifts to match up with MLB games.  Starting this week transactions and lineups are due every SATURDAY at Noon Eastern.


  • There have been some questions about the "saves" part of the score in game scoring.  I think I translated program code to written rules incorrectly a couple of years ago - I will try to clarify that this weekend.


  • Reminder as you set your lineups from one week to the next about the effect of moving starting pitchers around (to avoid playing around with the rotation spots and previously-known performances).
    • If you move a pitcher from a spot starter, taxi squad, or minor league slot into the starting 1-5 rotation, all previous starts are ignored - even if queued in the spot role - and no starts will count until the deadline date of the transaction week.
    • Exception - pitchers signed or acquired via trade one week earlier can be assumed to have been obtained for purposes of immediate use and any eligible starts will be used if they are placed in the rotation.
    • In a 2014 rule change to relax this a bit (and allow for dealing with injuries more quickly) - if you move a pitcher from the minors or taxi squad to a spot starter role, any eligible starts may be used and won't be thrown out if before the deadline.
    • See the rule change and the full rule.


  • Opening Day! Week 1 Begins - Game 1 posted.  See Results


  • BWB 2014 Schedule Posted.  How to find this on a regular basis?
    • When games are scored - the home page notice will link to the schedule
    • On your league's home page, find the link "This Week's Games"
    • On any page, down in the footer, find the link "Results"


  • Week 1 Transactions Posted
    • This is the first big influx of new players to the player list
    • To find new players, on the free agent list, choose the proper week number that players are first eligible for signing - with this group, you'll find them via "Week 2"
  • When's the first game?
    • We use batting stats 5 games ahead of our BWB game # in order to queue up enough pitching stats, so a team's MLB game #6 is used for BWB game #1.
    • Weather permitting, Detroit will be the last team to get to Game 6 - on Tuesday (thanks to a rainout already) - and that makes Wednesday the earliest we can post a game.
    • Usually it's more time-effective to score 2-3 games at a time, but often doing a single game first helps me clear the cobwebs on how to do this again for the first time since Sept/Oct...so look for a game on Wednesday night.

See the News Archive for older headlines.